Thursday, June 20, 2013


lots of great things happening this week. for one thing, it's actually looked like summer outside (and felt like it on those fleeting occasions when i'm not at work, taking care of housewifely things, or, you know, glued to HBO's Girls. we're not spiffy enough to actually have HBO so i've been getting installments of the first season from Netflix and it. is. so. funny and i'm hoping that the fact that they're all making dumb, annoying choices circa Episode 5 is part of the appeal of "remember how dumb and annoying we were when we were 22?" and not a portent of things to come.)

anyway. so this week heralded my fortuitous re-discovery of iced tea in the quest for keeping hydration exciting. behold:

this decaf ginger peach iced tea from the republic of tea (and, more directly, from Mom) is the epitome of exciting hydration. at least, the non-alcoholic kind of exciting hydration. it's been chilling in my curvaceous pitcher from Home Goods all week and i can't get enough. 

then there's the thrill of finding new music on Pandora. i'm still so tickled that we can stream Pandora on our TV through the PlayStation even though it's been set up that way for a year. i don't even know what i'd do if we had a DVR. 

actually, i do know what i'd do. i'd set it to record the Roseanne-a-thon that occurs every so often (but certainly not often enough). Darlene is by far my favourite, with old Becky a close second. new Becky just looks weird and isn't snarky enough. 

and i just can't get used to David as Leonard in The Big Bang Theory. i keep expecting him to pop around a corner and say "Yes, Mrs. Conner!"


but none of these delights can compare to the joy of Nick announcing that he's stumbled upon some treasures to contribute to our home decor. previous treasures have included gigantic ceramic ash trays with attached figurines and awesomely named street signs (Boozer Lane, for one). this particular haul has sentimental value, as it came from the house of our dear friend's elderly aunt who passed away. Nick's eyes were wide with excitement as he described this house as "something straight out of American Pickers!" which is the highest praise he can give a house, in case you were wondering. 

his first find was a necessary addition to our burgeoning collection of old school Christmas lights: the coveted bubble light. 

i'm pretty sure these are a fire hazard even without being plugged into an electrical socket, but that just adds to the excitement of Christmas. and then there's a whole package of bona fide metal tinsel, which, i have to admit, does make for a very Winter Wonderland tree when combined with dollops of Ivory Snow. and last but not least, his pride and joy: this foil Tannenbaum on a styrofoam base that promises to feature prominently in our children's holiday memories. 

love you, babe! 

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