Wednesday, August 31, 2016

twenty-nine & thirty weeks!

bump watch: curious to see how my belly will measure at my appointment tomorrow, since i was already measuring 30 weeks at my 28 week visit! my belly is still growing, but i haven't noticed the same major growth spurt that i had between weeks 26-28. baby is dancing and jiving, which makes for some entertaining undulations.
little peanut: weighs 3.1 pounds and is 17 inches long, the size of a butternut squash.  baby girl's brain is developing folds and wrinkles this week, to maximize surface area and make all those synapses possible! she's also developing fingernails. and this week, she's finally reached newborn proportions (instead of her head being huge compared to the rest of her body).

best moment: i had a serendipitous moment at my favourite kids' consignment store yesterday. i stopped in to see if they had the Joovy double stroller i want, which they didn't, but they did have an adorable three piece newborn outfit with a green striped hoodie, jeggings, and a green long sleeved onesie that was tucked inside the hoodie. when i got home, i discovered that the onesie says "Little Sister". so perfect! 

symptoms: a little short of breath when i first lie down or when i'm climbing stairs. still able to move around pretty well though. i've started on the third trimester workouts for Tracy Anderson's Pregnancy Project, and was grateful to see that she modifies many of the exercises previously done on all fours to a standing version with a chair for support! 

cravings: buffalo wing pretzel bites.

what i miss: verbatim from my 30 week post with Greta: my abs. and my Crest Whitestrips. 
looking forward to: snuggling Little Peanut! i've had such baby fever the last few weeks ... whenever i see a baby out and about i just want to cuddle him or her. i'm so excited to see this little one's face (and curious to see who she looks like!), and discover her personality. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

twenty-eight weeks!

bump watch: baby girl has had a growth spurt over the last few weeks! and it's not just my imagination -- she measured 2 weeks ahead at my appointment this morning. i'm already starting to stretch the limits of some of my maternity shirts, and we have a loooong way to go!
little peanut: is the size of a cabbage -- 2.5 pounds and 16 inches long. the most amazing brain development this week is that baby can now dream! i wonder what goes through her little head when she sleeps. she's also practicing blinking.

best moment: so many great things this week! Greta went to her Sibling Class at the hospital this weekend and loved taking a tour of the delivery unit and seeing a real baby in the nursery. afterwards she told me her favourite part of the class was "the movie" (they showed a DVD of kids interacting with their new baby siblings) and the snacks ("banilla pudding"). the baby doll she brought to class was given the royal treatment -- a few diapers, a stretchy hat, and a swaddling blanket to keep.
also this week, Mom, Dad, James and Krista came for their much-anticipated visit. John and Genesis drove up from Cincinnati as well, and the day after John and Genesis left, Kira arrived via the bus here from New York! we had a blast hanging out and doing some fun things around Pittsburgh (visiting Phipps Conservatory, Antney's Ice Cream, the Strip District, and Point State Park). and during their visit, Genesis generously offered to take maternity, birth, and newborn photos for us. we never had maternity or birth photos done with Greta, and i'm excited to have these priceless memories captured by a professional!
and the icing on the cake was passing my 1 hour glucose tolerance test! (no pun intended.) wahoo!

symptoms: a little more tired by the end of the day. it feels oh-so-glorious to crawl into bed and get all snuggled up with my pregnancy pillow! otherwise feeling good.
cravings: Chick-fil-A! the spicy chicken sandwich just hits the spot.
what i miss: right now, nothing. i'm so excited to meet this little one. peanut, you're already part of the family, and we can't wait to snuggle you!
looking forward to: the final trimester! crazy that we're already to this point. i feel like this pregnancy has gone by so much faster than my pregnancy with Greta. time to start checking more things off the getting-ready-for-baby list!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

twenty-seven weeks!


bump watch: i'm starting to bump into things, if that's any indication of how things are growing. (no pun intended.) and it's getting a little tougher to haul myself up out of bed, especially since that entails crawling over my beloved pregnancy pillow! 
little peanut: is as long as a cucumber at 15 inches from head to foot, and weighs 2 lbs 2 ounces. baby's tastebuds are developing so that she can taste the difference when i eat a salad (last night) versus a quarter pounder with cheese (today). just this week she's started to push her back up against one side of my belly, which feels exactly like a Braxton Hicks contraction except that it only involves one side! so bizarre, but awesome that she is getting so strong! 
Fetal Development Week 27

best moment: passing my 1 hour glucose tolerance test! with Greta, i failed the 1 hour test by a few points and then passed the 3 hour. this time, i fasted before the test (which is not necessary) but i think it made a difference. 

symptoms: nesting like crazy! right after coming home from the glucose tolerance test, i decided that i had to get started on washing & stuffing the cloth diapers, washing the baby clothes and blankets and sheets, organizing my postpartum supplies, and setting up the changing table. the mobile i used with Greta had horrible out-of-tune music, so i ordered a new mobile on Amazon this week. all of this makes it seem so much more real! i found a newborn disposable diaper mixed among the baby supplies and still can't believe how tiny it is! 

cravings: peanut butter s'mores ice cream. 

what i miss: Crest WhiteStrips! 
looking forward to: lots in the next week. on Saturday, i'm taking Greta to a sibling class at the hospital where i'll deliver. i think she'll get a kick out of it and hopefully learn some helpful information. and the most exciting thing is that my parents, James, and Krista are coming to visit for a few days on their grand tour of all the siblings (Kelli and Colin in California, John and Genesis in Cincinnati, and Kira in NYC!). it will be so good to see them! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

twenty-five & twenty-six weeks!

bump watch: i cannot believe how much my belly has grown over the past 2 weeks! the even crazier thing is that my weight has stayed stable (up 20 pounds at 24 weeks and holding steady -- in the second trimester i've tended to gain a few pounds one week and then plateau for the next few weeks). i'm able to distinguish baby's head, butt, and back now, which is fun! she's still flipping all over the place and doesn't seem to prefer one side of my belly over the other (as opposed to her sister, who was always hanging out on the right!). 
little peanut: baby girl has grown from the size of a rutabaga (1 1/2 pounds) at 25 weeks to the size of an eggplant (two full pounds) at 26 weeks. this week's big accomplishment is opening those eyes! baby's brain is also developed enough to respond to sounds or bright lights with increased activity and pulse. and she's more coordinated, able to play with her toes or grasp the umbilical cord. 

Fetal Development Week 26

best moment: there have been so many great moments in the last two weeks! we traveled to New York City, where Nick played a fabulous recital at St. Patrick Cathedral. truly phenomenal. we visited with Kira, Jon, and Jeremy; went to Central Park for the first time; rode the subways; and attended Latin mass at Holy Innocents. we then flew to New Orleans and spent a few days visiting Paul and Chris, eating fantastic food,  and enjoying the music and vibrant city life. we also went back to the spot in Jackson Square where Nick proposed almost exactly seven years ago, and recreated the moment (see above photo!). we are so blessed to have each other, and our two precious daughters! 

however, one sweet moment does stand out among the rest. Greta got to feel baby girl kicking for the first time yesterday. her whole face lit up and she said "I'm so es-gited!!" (read: excited). she frequently tells her baby dolls that she has a baby in her belly, and tells them that they can feel the baby kicking too. she is so ready to be a big sister! 

symptoms: the back pain comes and goes. after coming home from our week away, my back was really stiffening up on me, but it seems to be better now after a few days of my regular workout routine. on a happier note, i'm starting to feel the nesting urges kick in! i'm kicking off freezer meal cooking this week -- nothing too involved, just choosing one or two meals per week to double and freeze so we'll have at least a dozen meals stocked up. and i'm starting the Hypnobabies program again this week. oh Kerry Tuschhoff, how i've missed the dulcet tones of your voice. but seriously, i am still so impressed with how well it worked for managing labor with Greta! 

cravings: mostly sweets. and Chinese food. 

what i miss: seriously never thought i'd be saying this, but the endorphin rush of a good summer evening run! i'm going to start the Couch to 5K program again as soon as i'm cleared for postpartum exercise.
looking forward to: going through all the newborn clothes. (see above re: nesting urges.) there's just nothing like itty bitty baby clothes!