Thursday, March 27, 2014

four months

dear Sweetpea,

what a fun month you've had! every day, we see more of your personality emerge. you take everything in with those big blue eyes, and you especially love to watch Kaiser and the cats run and play. you can make all sorts of funny sounds, and for some reason, your favorite time to soliloquize is on the changing table. we hear a lot of "ah-goo, ah-goo" when you're playing with your toys. sometimes you make a guttural clicking noise in the back of your throat, and when you're very happy, you trill like a kitten. you love when we mimic the sounds you make, but i can't even figure out how to vocalize the kitten sound! 

the biggest change in your daily routine this month is that you're now tall and strong enough to play in the exersaucer, and you can't get enough! your arms aren't long enough to reach all of the toys yet, but you love to look at the bright colors and explore the different textures and shapes with your fingers. you'll play happily on your own for at least fifteen minutes, sometimes longer, and you concentrate so hard on what you're doing! 

you love "flying" with Daddy, and give him a huge smile and bat your eyes at him when he plays with you. you also love to "kiss" his face, which involves a dainty little lick on his cheek when he holds you close. and every once in a while, we get an almost-giggle out of you. i know those laughs are hiding in there somewhere! 

tummy time is still not your favourite, but you don't struggle with it anymore, and you especially like to turn your head to look at your stuffed animals and toys. this month, your coordination has gotten much better and you'll grab onto your rattle and sometimes even pass it to your other hand. you like to hold the corners of the board books we read, too, but you're not such a big of fan of letting go to turn the page!

i'm not sure you realize your name is actually Greta, since you mostly hear us call you "ducky", "angel baby", "baby girl", "mama's sweetest", and "baby dinosaur" (if you're being particularly squawky). but i hope you know how infinitely much we love you!