Thursday, May 26, 2016

sixteen weeks!

bump watch: it's not going anywhere, that's for sure! i don't think there's been a dramatic change since last week, but i did finally get out my beloved Motherhood Maternity dress pants and they're even more comfortable than i remember.  
little peanut: is avocado-sized: five inches long and weighing between three to five ounces. baby can now hear my voice and probably some outside noises as well, which makes it even more adorable when Greta puts her head on my belly and says "hi baby!". 

image credit from Baby Center

best moment: one of the physicians i work with generously gave me some old gift cards she had for some of my favourite children's clothing retailers, including Janie & Jack. time to do a little shopping! 

symptoms: feeling good overall! i'm still feeling movement, sometimes a few times a day, sometimes only every other day, but each little flutter is so delightful. 

cravings: i finally scratched the sushi itch with one of the most inauthentic (but pregnancy-safe) options there is: chicken tempura with avocado, cucumber, and spicy "bam-bam" sauce. dipped in a mixture of soy sauce and wasabi, it was pure heaven. 

what i miss: actual sashimi.
looking forward to: feeling more regular movements! and, as was the case last week, going for our anatomy scan. it's officially scheduled for June 14! we're so excited to see our Little Peanut's sweet face again! 

Friday, May 20, 2016

fifteen weeks!

bump watch: whoomp! there it is! i had to break out my demi-panel maternity jeans this week, and they feel glorious. at work, i've still been getting by with some looser fitting pants, but there's an undeniable bump there now that just can't be squished into the more form-fitting pants. 
little peanut: is four and a half inches long, weighing two to three ounces -- apparently, the size of a navel orange! baby can now sense light from the outside and react to it (usually swimming away).  the ovaries or testes are fully formed and external sex organs are beginning to take shape (which explains why elective "gender ultrasounds" prior to this date are notoriously inaccurate!). cutest of all? baby's growing eyebrows!
Image result for 15 weeks pregnant babycenter
image credit from Baby Center

best moment: feeling the first kicks! i didn't feel movement with Greta until 17 weeks, and while it's typical to feel movement sooner in subsequent pregnancies, i was prepared to not feel anything for several more weeks due to my anterior placenta. technically i think i felt the first flutters toward the end of week 14, but they were so faint that i couldn't be sure it was actually the baby. the kicks i'm feeling now are sporadic but unmistakable! my favourite feeling in the world. 

symptoms: a little more energy! i had a great time at our national PA conference in San Antonio, TX, this week, and while i did take a nap one evening, i was able to keep up the pace pretty well (conference sessions all day, visiting with friends until midnight). i've had no food aversions recently, and i'm definitely hungrier than usual, which probably explains why i gained 5 pounds in the past 2 weeks (for a total of 10 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight). i'm hoping some of that is water retention from flying, but i definitely need to work in some more exercise and focus on protein and fiber to fill me up! 

cravings: Ruffles hot wing chips. couldn't possibly be contributing to the weight gain and water retention. and i'm still on a peaches kick -- our local farmer's market opened up for the summer yesterday, and a homemade peach pie practically jumped off the table when i walked past. so good! 

what i miss: beer. we had dinner and drinks at a dueling piano bar in San Antonio, and i had a sip of Jon's Belgian white beer while we sat outside in the warm night breeze. it was like manna from heaven. or water from the rock, which i suppose is a more apt comparison. there's just nothing like that flavor. 
looking forward to: the anatomy scan! i still have to schedule it, but we'll likely do it the week of June 12, when i'll be 19 weeks. i'm so excited to get another look at Little Peanut, and hopefully find out if Greta will have a little sister or a little brother! (my gut still says boy ... only time will tell!)

Friday, May 13, 2016

fourteen weeks!

bump watch: trucking right along with a little more firmness in the belly (plus a whole lot of squishiness -- but i can't "suck it in" anymore, so some of it at least is baby! the belly band is in heavy rotation, and though the past few weeks have been somewhat chilly, it's finally starting to get into the 70s -- dress weather! 
little peanut: is three inches long and weighs in at 1.5 ounces. the roof of baby's mouth is forming, and the rest of the digestive tract is starting to gear up with meconium production in the intestines. as neural connections expand, baby's movements become more controlled and graceful instead of abrupt and jerky. the facial muscles are also developing, so baby can practice making facial expressions! 

image credit from  Baby Center

best moment: at my prenatal appointment this week (with one of my favourite midwives -- the one who delivered Greta!), it took a loooooong time to find the heartbeat, and she also thought that i felt bigger than 14 weeks. we did eventually hear a good heartbeat, which was reassuring, but she sent me for an ultrasound to double check on dates and rule out any problems (or surprises -- like twins!). so today we got to see Little Peanut for the first time! everything looks just fine and baby is measuring right at 14 weeks 3 days, but i do have an anterior placenta, which explains the trouble finding the heartbeat.

the second image is a view after baby rolled away from us. i am in awe of how perfectly developed the spine is already! the ultrasound technician was awesome and let Greta sit on her lap for a little while so she could see the screen better. i did have a crazy-pregnant-lady moment of mom guilt when i looked away from the ultrasound screen to talk to Greta ... it just feels weird to have to split my attention! guess i better get used to it. Little Peanut, you are every bit as loved as your older sister! 

symptoms: having officially entered the second trimester this week, i do notice a little improvement in the fatigue. and i haven't had any nausea at all for weeks. feeling pretty good at this point! and i may have felt the first few kicks today. each time it was just isolated and didn't happen again for hours, so i'm not sure, but it definitely felt like baby movement as opposed to digestion. with an anterior placenta, it's often harder to feel movement though, so maybe it's all in my head... 

cravings: the theme of this week has been that my eyes are bigger than my stomach. i'll spot something and have to have it, but then i'm not hungry enough to actually eat it. i did put an impressive dent in a bag of sour cream and cheddar chips though, and Aldi had Snickers ice cream bars on sale this week. who could resist? not i.

what i miss: still sushi. and an ice cold Yuengling draft. not together, but you know.
looking forward to: right now, i'm just savoring today. i am in awe of how perfectly developed Little Peanut is already, and so thankful that everything looked good on the ultrasound. seeing those little legs kick and that heartbeat flutter just makes everything feel so much more real. we are beyond grateful! 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

thirteen weeks!

bump watch: there's definitely a little oochi-poochio business going on! i still fit in regular clothes, but i usually opt for the more forgiving fabrics and styles, and putting on PJs at night is pure bliss.  

little peanut: is three inches long, about as big as a peach! (more on peaches in a minute.) as baby's bones and muscles continue to form, he or she can start to move around and may even be able to suck that tiny thumb! craziness. baby's head is half the size of his or her body at this point. grow, baby, grow!

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image credit from What to Expect When You're Expecting

best moment: we had the honor of joining the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network walk with Team Tomlinson this week, in memory of our dear friend Joe, who passed away in February. the weather was cool and occasionally drizzly, but we enjoyed the easy 5K route through North Park with the beautiful views of the water, and even spotted a red cardinal (a symbol of loved ones who have passed away). we miss you, Joe!
symptoms: acne! this hit around 7 weeks when i was pregnant with Greta -- and i was beginning to think i might avoid it this time around. but nope! it's definitely not as bad as i remember it being with Greta, possibly because i changed up my skincare regimen several months ago. i was noticing increasing skin redness and sensitivity using my usual acne-fighting cleansers, so i stopped all salicylic acid products (except for an occasional spot treatment), started using Cerave face wash, and the Mary Kay Timewise regimen. my skin is much happier! and all of these products are safe to use during pregnancy, so i haven't had to switch around my routine.

cravings: literally as soon as i read that baby was the size of a peach, i needed peaches and cream ice cream. lo and behold, Aldi sells it! so, so good. can't wait for juicy peaches from our farmer's market! 

what i miss: my energy and motivation. i know it's normal for this stage of pregnancy, but it would be nice to feel like i can accomplish something in the evening besides making dinner, putting Greta to bed, and ... maybe doing the dishes. (usually just falling asleep on the couch at 9 pm.)

looking forward to: traveling to San Antonio for our national PA conference next week! it will be good to catch up with friends (although i'm so bummed that Julie can't make it!), refresh my memory on medical conditions i don't see every day, and learn about new drug therapies or updated clinical guidelines. my nerdy self is so excited! 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

twelve weeks!

please excuse the picture quality ... i need to up my mirror selfie game!


bump watch: yesterday evening i had to bust out the old hairband-through-the-buttonhole trick to keep my jeans zipped up comfortably. i was fine with them buttoned normally in the morning, but as the day progressed, so did my belly! i definitely think i'm popping out faster than i did with Greta, as is expected with a second pregnancy. 
little peanut: is two and a half inches long, and weighs in at half an ounce -- the size of a kiwi or a large plum! by this week, all the major body systems are in place. in particular, the pituitary gland is producing hormones and the bone marrow is producing white blood cells. even the vocal cords are forming! 

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best moment: curling up on the recliner with a bag of popcorn to watch Call the Midwife on Netflix during one of Greta's naps this week. so simple, and so wonderful. 

symptoms: a little less bloating and upset tummy -- i don't need to continuously stuff my face with food to keep the nausea at bay. i keep getting surprised by how tired i am at night, though. apparently that second trimester burst of energy isn't going to come early! 

cravings: mushroom swiss burgers. they're on the menu this week -- my first attempt at making them at home! 

what i miss: sushi. i spent a ridiculous amount of time googling "cooked sushi rolls" and "sushi safe to eat in pregnancy" this week. i do love a good shrimp tempura, and apparently eel (unagi) is always served cooked. i just may have to get takeout this week from one of the good Japanese restaurants near my office! 

looking forward to: my next prenatal appointment, in 10 days! can't wait to hear that little heartbeat again! i'll be flying solo with Greta this time too, so hopefully i can keep her entertained and she doesn't start digging through the trash or something while i'm being examined.