Thursday, August 27, 2015

twenty-one months

dear Sweetpea,

this month you've had a language explosion! you repeat what we say (for better or for worse), and it's clear that you're starting to put together more abstract concepts like emotions. if you hear Daddy's alarm go off in the morning, you stop whatever you're doing and say, "Daddy! Beep beep! Daddy sleeping? Daddeeeeeeee!" the other day, you said "Where daddy go?" i told you, "He's at work, honey." and you said, "Daddy church?" smart girl. last but not least, i pointed to the crucifix in our dining room one day and asked you who it was. you weren't sure, so i told you it was Jesus. you said, "Jesus stuck? Jesus boo-boo?" out of the mouths of babes. He loves you so much, baby girl!  

you can put your socks on, and sometimes take them off. you love putting buckles together (for example, in shopping cart seats or restaurant highchairs) and frantically ask for us to unbuckle them so you can re-buckle them again and again. you know your color names, and you confidently reply with "blue!" or "lellow!" when we ask you what color something is, even though 90% of the time you're incorrect. you can hold up your fingers and count to five, although not always in the right order (you like to say "one! two! five!"). you like to touch Daddy's beard, and you rub your cheek and tap your chin when Daddy asks you where your beard is. silly Daddy!

 you ask to watch "Abby" or "Elmo" (Sesame Street) or "Tigey" (Daniel Tiger) pretty much every day. sometimes i'll put you in your high chair to watch an episode while i shower. when i turn the TV off, you say "bye bye". your favourite books right now are Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (you sing the ABCs at the beginning and end of the book), all of your potty-training books, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut, and The Little Mermaid. and you request your "Dowa dammies" (Dora the Explorer jammies) every night. you love to rough-house with Daddy on our guest bed, and every evening when he gets home from work, you say, "Daddy wrassle? Mommy wrassle? COME ON!" and run into the guest room. you also like to help out around the house -- i'll take what i can get! 

we had a wonderful visit with your Great-Auntie Kris, Great-Auntie Karla, cousin Raychel and Nik, and second cousin Naveigha the first week of August. Naveigha's five months younger than you, and you took your role as the older cousin very seriously, giving her toys to play with or trying to help her up the stairs. you weren't too keen on sharing your shoes or your ride-on airplane, but overall, you had a blast playing together. we went to the zoo and aquarium for the first time, and headed back to Phipps for more fun with the flowers! you both got matching Minnie Mouse pajamas to wear. i'm so glad you have a cousin close to your age -- we're excited to watch you both grow! 

this month you moved up to the older toddler room at daycare (Carebears). you're back to your normal Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule since Daddy started back to teaching classes at Franciscan. you've adjusted well, and you've started adding in your own prayers for your friends at bedtime: "Gah bess Azalee! Gah bess Marco! Gah bess Miss Sam! Gah bess fwends. Gah bess school." they keep you busy with lots of books, singing, finger plays, art projects, and making fun treats like pudding. 

we visited our favourite summer haunt, Idlewild, with Nana and Father Aron in tow. you were more excited about Storybook Forest this time around, and you absolutely loved riding in the handcar while Father Aron motored around the track. you also got to meet Geppetto and his marionettes. i think you'd like to have a workshop of your own. we finished up the day with an epic Victorian style photograph that makes me laugh every time i see it. 

and you finally got to meet Julie! we had a great weekend together -- you cheered me on while i ran my first 5K, you ate your first Eat'n'Park smiley cookie, we went to your first Pirates game (they beat the LA Dodgers!), and Julie spoiled you with several new outfits, sidewalk chalk, a sticker book and a songbook that plays music. you are one lucky girl! 

every month seems to go by faster and faster. we love seeing you learn about the world and develop into your own unique self, but i feel like i'm going to blink and you'll be starting kindergarten ... or college. we cherish each moment we have with you!