Thursday, September 29, 2016

thirty-four weeks!

bump watch: annnnd there's definitely been another growth spurt this week! baby girl is a little lower too, which has made things ... uncomfortable, to put it discreetly. my only hope is that this means she'll be making her grand entrance sooner than her big sister did (at 10 days past due), but i'm not holding my breath!

little peanut: is the size of a pineapple -- weighing in at around 5 lbs and measuring about 19 inches long. her lungs are continuing to develop, and as she grows, there's less amniotic fluid surrounding her, so it's a little easier to distinguish her movements. in particular, i keep feeling (and seeing!) the bottom of her little foot poke out on the left side of my belly. so cute!

best moment: my thoughtful coworkers threw a sweet shower for me at work this week! it was a complete surprise, and it was so much fun to celebrate this little one. they all pitched in with delicious food, a beautiful cake, several adorable outfits, and a super soft teddy bear. little peanut, we can't wait to meet you!

symptoms: this week i'm definitely feeling more pregnant ... puffy ankles and fingers by the end of the day, some stiffness and pain in my low back and hips, fatigue, more Braxton Hicks contractions, and pelvic pressure (or lightning jabs, as the case may be). all of which makes me feel a little cranky, not because it's so terrible now, but because there's still 6 weeks to go!

cravings: lots of cold liquids, of any sort.

what i miss: feeling svelte.
looking forward to: completing my mission of buying a double stroller! the huge consignment sale i've been waiting for is this weekend, and if they don't have the one i'm looking for, i'm going to use my completion discount on Amazon to get it. otherwise we're all set with baby gear!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

thirty-three weeks!

bump watch: baby measured 34 weeks at my appointment this week, and is still head down! and the bump is definitely growing, although it seems to be a slow and steady progression rather than any super growth spurts.

little peanut: at 33 weeks is 4.5 lbs and 19 inches long. her brain is continuing to grow, causing her head circumference to expand by half an inch this week -- crazy! and she's settling into more routine sleep/wake cycles, which can freak me out sometimes since she'll go a few hours without moving. invariably, just as soon as i really start to wonder if everything is okay, she'll start kicking and rolling like a maniac -- little stinker!

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image credit from Baby Center

best moment: meeting with Amy, our doula, this morning! she was such a fantastic support person for us during Greta's birth, and i'm so excited to work with her again.

symptoms: i have a little cold this week, which would be no big deal except that many of my OTC go-tos are not recommended in pregnancy, so i'm "suffering" through the congestion and postnasal drip and just feeling a little blah. i did take Benadryl one night when my nose just wouldn't quit running, but otherwise i'm sticking to hot tea, Halls lozenges, and rest!

cravings: basically everything salty and sweet. aka the Cool Ranch Doritos and pumpkin gobs i brought to CSA night last night. at least i had help eating them!  

what i miss: being able to easily bend down and paint my toenails. i can still do it, but it's a struggle!
looking forward to: cashing in the spa gift card Nick thoughtfully gave me for my birthday last week! (see above re: the mounting complexities of at-home pedicures.) i'm planning to book a prenatal massage along with a pedi and a facial ... can't wait!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

thirty-one & thirty-two weeks!

bump watch: measured exactly 30 weeks at my appointment at 30 weeks and 2 days. my next appointment isn't until 33 weeks so we'll see how baby girl is growing! the size doesn't seem much different to me, but somehow i'm feeling more unwieldy, having a harder time rolling out of bed in the morning or bending down to help Greta get dressed.

little peanut: at 32 weeks is the size of a head of lettuce, 3.9 pounds and 19 inches long. her fingernails have finished growing and now her toenails are starting to develop! she's breathing in amniotic fluid as her lungs continue to develop.

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image credit from Baby Center

best moment: finding some new maternity dresses on clearance last week! they'll be perfect for maternity pictures, and for the weekend getaway we're planning to celebrate our anniversary next month.

symptoms: this past weekend i was definitely feeling tired, achy, dizzy, and emotional for no particular reason. i was starting to think this would just be the norm for the rest of the pregnancy, but yesterday and today are much better, so who knows? definitely having more Braxton Hicks (especially in the car!), and occasional mild cramping. no regular contractions yet. baby girl, keep cooking! and my blood pressure was perfect at my last appointment, so hopefully that trend continues.

cravings: La Croix coconut sparkling water. i'm obsessed.

what i miss: real beer. i had a sip of Nick's beer at the Oktoberfest celebration we went to this weekend and it was sooo good.
looking forward to: meeting Amelia's sweet baby girl next month when they come to visit!