Monday, June 17, 2013

18 weeks!


bump watch: it's now more like, "watch me try on clothes that don't fit anymore." the shirt in the above photo is on its last legs, despite the help of my beloved bella band
sweet pea: is the size of a large mango - six inches long and weighing half a pound! when i first read that statistic, i immediately thought of my usual cheese order at the deli (a half pound of pepper jack, or dill Havarti for special occasions). and that's weirdly appropriate because this is the stage where vernix, the cheesy coating that protects baby's skin, starts to form. 

Fetal Development Week 19

best moment: getting to hear baby's heartbeat for the second time at my 17 week appointment! everything sounded perfect. sweetpea must be a speedy swimmer, though, because the nurse practitioner started listening over my right lower belly and then moved the doppler all around without locating the heartbeat. not a fun thirty seconds. then she started over in the same spot and lo and behold, it was right there galloping away. little stinker! 

symptoms: no more movement yet, which makes me wonder if what i felt last week was truly baby or not. oh well. i'd far rather be having quickening (the official medical term for detectable fetal movement!) than the intermittent swelling that's already started up on hot days, when i exercise, or if i overdo the salt. 

cravings: gyros. we ordered lunch from a fantastic Greek place near work last week, and it was phenomenal. i could eat the tzatziki with a spoon. 

what i miss: having a full wardrobe to choose from. luckily, a package from motherhood maternity is en route to me with a pair of black dress pants, a belted shirtdress and a maxi dress ... crossing fingers they fit! i had to send back a package from the Gap last week because all of the clothes fit so strangely - tight in certain spots and way too loose in others - not flattering in the slightest. 
looking forward to: continuing to round out our supply of baby must-haves! one sweet lady in our choir dropped off her barely-used Evenflo highchair this week. the seat can be positioned upright or reclining, and it has 8 different adjustable height positions, plus a dishwasher-safe insert for the tray. sweet pea is already well-loved!

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