Sunday, April 24, 2016

eleven weeks!


bump watch: there's a more definite fullness to my lower abdomen now. still squeezing into all my regular pants, but i'm most comfortable in dresses and stretchy jeans! 
little peanut: is two inches long, the size of a lime, which sounds crazy big to me! the fingernails and toenails are starting to form. at this point, baby's head is just as big as the entire remainder of the body. and that heart is pumping fast and furiously!
Fetal Development Week 11

best moment: i ordered another "big sister" book on Amazon for Greta, and it arrived this week. Baby on the Way, by Dr. William and Martha Sears, focuses on pregnancy and baby's arrival in age-appropriate language. Greta absolutely loves it. i've been trying to strike the balance between talking about the new baby and how we are so excited for her to be a big sister, and also focusing on her and all the normal things that fill our days so she doesn't get sick of hearing about the baby before he or she even arrives. she "read" this book three times in a row on her own immediately after it arrived, and i've found her peeking through it several more times since. i'll definitely order the second book in the series, What Baby Needs, closer to Little Peanut's arrival! 

symptoms: still no vomiting; a little bit of nausea and food aversions (Nick smothered his kielbasa in horseradish mustard a few days ago and i couldn't even look at his plate -- normally that would be right up my alley!). similar to last week, i seem to have more energy during the day, but am still falling asleep around 10 pm, or sometimes even right after we put Greta down for the night. 

cravings: i needed a jamocha shake and curly fries from Arby's this week. it was heaven.

what i miss: this morning i attended a baby shower for our friend and previous neighbor (who moved to Philadelphia last year! boo!). the shower was great fun and it was wonderful to see her, but i had to decline a mimosa and settle for straight OJ. #firstworldpregnancyproblems 
looking forward to: finding out baby's gender. there was so much uncertainty last year with the two miscarriages and then the span of time not being able to conceive. now i'd prefer not to have any more surprises! we have another two months or so until the anatomy scan, but for now, my mommy instinct is saying boy. we shall see! 

Monday, April 18, 2016

ten weeks!

bump watch: still mostly bloat, but it's getting more uncomfortable to curl up in the recliner (my favourite reading position). i can still lie on my stomach. poor Greta will have a rude awakening when that can't happen anymore, since she loves to tell me "roll over, Mama! close your eyes and go to sleep!" and then pat my back. i'll be pretty sad when those days are over, too! 
little peanut: is an inch-and-a-half long, which bumps us up to prune-sized! elbows are now formed and those little legs have indentations where the knees will be. (incidentally, knee caps don't form until children are between two to five years old.) looking at the picture below, i can't believe how much changes in a week! looking a little less alien and a little more like a bebe!
Fetal Development Week 10

best moment: i had an emotional mommy moment the other day in the car. Greta was tired after an exciting weekend at Pappy and Nana's, and slept the first hour of our drive home. then she woke up and was whimpering to herself in the carseat, so i started to sing to her: "You Are My Sunshine", "Rock-A-Bye Baby", "All the Pretty Little Horses". and even though i know he or she can't hear me yet, i was singing to Little Peanut too. 

symptoms: all over the place! i feel more energized during the day, and then hit the wall hard in the evening. the nausea has been better and i'm not as hungry all the time, except that i had the worst nausea of my pregnancy to date yesterday. still no sickness (knock on wood!). thank goodness for the chewy ginger candies Amelia sent me! they are miracle workers! 

cravings: sour cream and onion dip. seriously, i could eat it with a spoon. but i've restrained myself so far. 

what i miss: the energy i had pre-pregnancy to keep up the laundry, cleaning, and ironing. i'm so grateful to be working part time, so i can catch up with things around the house on my days off. or, you know, just sit on the couch and let Greta watch Daniel Tiger on Netflix, or play grocery store with her own babies. 
looking forward to: feeling the first flutters and kicks! i'm sure it won't be for another 6-7 weeks or so (i felt Greta for the first time at 17 weeks), but i can't wait!