Monday, June 10, 2013

17 weeks!


bump watch: i think we're about the same as 16 weeks. basically, when i'm sitting, it still looks like i have a major case of the munchies, but standing or laying down flat, it's a lot more noticeable! i've gained 8-10 pounds (depends on the day!) from my pre-pregnancy weight, and a lot of that is in the tummy and butt too, so it hides the bump a little. 
sweet pea: is now a sweet potato! if that sweet potato were five and a half inches long and weighed five ounces, that is. baby can now hiccup and yawn, and has fully developed finger prints. and all kinds of movement is going on now, which serves to reinforce the growing web of neural connections that are multiplying exponentially in baby's brain. all that fish oil better be doing its thing! 

Fetal Development Week 18

best moment: speaking of movement ... i'm pretty sure i felt sweet pea for the first time on Saturday! i was just sitting (well, lounging) in our recliner, reading my kindle, and suddenly felt a few brief pop-pop-pops a few inches below my belly button. haven't felt anything since, but it was such a distinctive feeling and definitely nothing i'd ever experienced before. 

symptoms: it's already getting harder to bend over, which does not bode well for the next several months. this morning, i was leaning over in my office chair to plug in the microphone we use for dictating charts to the USB slot on the computer tower, when i inadvertently let out a noise reminiscent of a dying moose. one of my supervising physicians was in the hallway and asked in obvious terror, "what was that?!?" "just Kate bending over!" came the chorus of helpful replies. geez Louise... 

cravings: sparkling water of any variety. target makes a cherry limeade that's sooo delicious. i'm trying to steer clear of artificial sweeteners, though, so i often turn to flavored seltzer water (tangerine's my current fave) for some guilt-free bubbly. 

what i miss: beer. after a hectic Sunday (poor Kaiser needed to be rushed to the emergency vet,  Nick played for three morning masses plus a wedding), we were relaxing on the back porch while burgers sizzled on the grill. that's a moment that calls for a leinenkugel with an orange slice. or a smithwicks. or an unassumingly delicious yuengling. 
looking forward to: 17 week check up tonight! can't wait to hear sweet pea's heartbeat again. it's all going by so fast! 

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