Tuesday, June 28, 2016

twenty-one weeks!

bump watch: this bump is not joking around! i notice a big change from last week. baby girl is growing, growing, growing. at least i can still see my toes! 
little peanut: is the size of a banana! she weighs about 11 ounces and is seven inches long. this week, the biggest development is that she is starting to swallow some of the amniotic fluid, so she's getting a taste of whatever tickles my fancy each day. 

Fetal Development Week 22

best moment: feeling hiccups for the first time. it's just the cutest thing in the world. can't wait til we hear that sweet sound in November! 

symptoms: definitely feeling a little more pregnant this week, with crazy heartburn and some ankle puffiness in the heat. i've also been getting some stiffness and discomfort in my lower back, and had the brilliant thought that it might be because i haven't been doing any regular exercise for the past few months. i started back up with my workout DVDs (10 Minute Solution Prenatal Pilates, Suzanne Bowen's Slim & Toned Prenatal Barre, and Tracy Anderson's Pregnancy Project) and voila! the back pain has disappeared, and i'm feeling much more limber in general.

cravings: i've always loved mushroom swiss burgers and Heath bars in all their permutations (as the original bar, in ice cream, in milkshakes ... i'm not picky). today i discovered that Steak 'n Shake offers both a portobello swiss burger and a Heath bar milkshake and you better believe that's what myself and Little Peanut had for lunch. i'm sure it won't be the last time.

what i miss: i just spent a full five minutes thinking about what i miss, and there's really nothing that stands out this week. i'm just so grateful for a healthy baby, an easy pregnancy so far, and the opportunity to grow our family. God is good! 

looking forward to: the sibling class that Greta will take in October. clearly it's a long way off, but i signed her up this week at the hospital where i'll deliver (and where Greta was born). i think she's going to love it. they ask each child to bring along a doll or stuffed animal so they can practice changing diapers, and they go over what to expect while mommy and daddy are in the hospital, how newborns act, and how the older sibling can participate. they even get a certificate at the end. i am truly so excited for the relationship these sisters will have! 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

twenty weeks!

bump watch: several coworkers have told me in the past week that i finally look pregnant! it's such a conveniently-sized bump right now ... big enough to validate that there is, in fact, a baby inside, but small enough that i'm still able to curl up in my favourite recliner (as i am doing right this second), or bend over, or hold Greta on my lap. 
little peanut: is a mango, tipping the scales at 10 ounces and measuring 6 1/2 inches long. she's able to yawn and hiccup (although i have yet to feel any hiccups!). in less cute news, her digestive tract is starting to produce meconium. and most notable of all, she's made it halfway through the standard 40 week pregnancy! perhaps she'll be a little more punctual than her older sister (who chilled out for 41 weeks and 3 days). 

Fetal Development Week 21

best moment: feeling movements from the outside of my belly. there is absolutely nothing like the stomach flipping sensation of a kick felt on the inside, with the simultaneous jab to my hand resting on my belly. it's probably coincidence, but Little Peanut seems to kick a lot whenever i sing bedtime songs to Greta. which is the cutest thing, ever.

symptoms: just feeling puffy in the face! my weight has held steady over the past few weeks, but i'm feeling bigger all around. otherwise, still sleeping well (thanks to my beloved pregnancy pillow), and generally up to anything.

cravings: Chick-Fil-A. i've now eaten Chick-Fil-A twice in one month. their spicy chicken sandwich with pepper jack cheese is just so ridiculously good. and i don't feel too bad about feeding Greta there because their kids' meals come with a fresh fruit cup and grilled nuggets. 

what i miss: this doesn't exactly answer the question, because i'm still soaking up every minute of it, but i know i'm going to miss being able to give Greta my undivided attention. which is also selfish, because i've gotten used to the routine of a fairly independent toddler, and i'm not quite sure how i'll juggle a newborn and a toddler. clearly i'm not the first person in the history of the world to deal with having multiple children, so i'm sure i'll figure it out, but for now it's kind of panic-inducing. i felt like Greta and i got off to a really great start with nursing and bonding and having a good schedule for naps (even though it took a lot of work to get there), and i'm worried that i won't be able to devote enough brain-space and literal time to creating that same environment for Little Peanut. then again, i have the benefit of past experience this time around, so hopefully it won't take so much trial and error on my part to get into a good groove. 
looking forward to: being able to agree on a name. so far, Nick and i haven't achieved any real common ground for either a first or a middle name... and now that we know our Little Peanut is a girl, i just want to be able to give her a name so we can start calling her that! hopefully, one of these days, inspiration will strike.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

nineteen weeks!


bump watch: it's growing by the day! especially at night, i feel like i already look six months pregnant. the joys of a second pregnancy! a few of the patients i see regularly have started to look a little longer at my belly when i walk into the exam room. so far nobody has been brave enough to ask if i'm pregnant, but i can see the wheels turning! 
little peanut: weighs half a pound and is 6 inches long, about the size of a tomato! which is fitting, since at least three of the meals i planned for this week involve marinara sauce. baby's movements are much more coordinated this week, and vernix is starting to develop to provide a protective covering for that sensitive skin. 

Fetal Development Week 20

best moment: we had our anatomy scan yesterday and ... little peanut is a girl!! despite my (clearly faulty) intuition, i am so excited for Greta to have a little sister, and for peanut to have such a great big sister. there was a little dramatic buildup to the gender reveal at the scan, since our little lady's legs were crossed up til the very end. finally, after some poking with the ultrasound wand, the ultrasound tech was able to get a clear shot. 

beyond the excitement of knowing a little more about our little peanut, i'm so grateful for a healthy baby who is growing right on track so far. and since the scan, i've felt so much consistent movement, which is always reassuring. 

symptoms: a little more heartburn and increasing thirst. and i was just starting to get a little bit uncomfortable at night trying to change positions while keeping a pillow between my knees, so i broke out my splurge purchase this pregnancy: a PharMeDoc body pillow. it is a game changer and i know it will make even more of a difference as the belly grows!  

cravings: oh, just junk food in general. Heath bar ice cream, as per usual. and someone brought in a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos to work and they're like crack. i had to fill out my 3-day food and exercise log for the midwives this week and so i tried to be more conscious of what i'm eating, but my willpower is pretty pathetic right now. 

what i miss: nothing at the moment. i feel like this pregnancy is already flying by, and i'm trying to soak it all up! 
looking forward to: the mini gender reveal "party" we're having at the office tomorrow. i'm stopping by over the lunch hour on my day off with yummy cupcakes from our favourite local bakery. we made the announcement to family members with a video of Greta announcing "you have my baby sister in your belly!", and i'm excited to share the news with my coworkers too! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

eighteen weeks!

with a cameo from Kaiser

bump watch: with the exception of a few loose-fitting clothes, i'm in maternity wear and loving every comfy minute of it. i was particularly excited last week to find side-panel shorts instead of the full-panel monstrosities i wore with Greta. and i'm beginning to wonder if my belly button is just lower than average, since the midwife felt my uterus "at the umbilicus" at 14 weeks (the typical benchmark for 20 weeks), and i can feel it now at least 3 finger-breadths above. Little Peanut is growing right on track and that's all that matters! 
little peanut: is five and a half inches long, weighing five ounces. the size of a sweet potato! pretty crazy. this week, baby can yawn and hiccup. and truly amazing: our little one's unique fingerprints are already forming. 

Fetal Development Week 19

best moment: there have been some really great ones this week! Greta has been very sweet when we talk about the baby. (in fact, when our neighbor came over to watch her last weekend, the first words out of her mouth were "Mommy has a baby in her belly! A sister and a brother!" we did set the record straight that there's only one in there!)  she loves to lift up my shirt, kiss my belly, and talk to the baby. one day last week she smooshed my belly between her hands and said "wibble wobble, wibble wobble!" which wasn't quite so touching, but ... it's true! 

we also celebrated Amelia's little one (due next month) with a virtual baby shower. i'm so excited for Ryan and her to meet their baby. there's just nothing like it! 

symptoms: the movement continues to be sporadic, and i actually panicked this morning realizing that i hadn't felt anything for the past two days. (probably because the weekend was super busy between work, Amelia's shower, and the beautiful celebration of Father Aron's 10th anniversary of ordination!) just when i was thinking about calling the midwives to schedule a doppler check, i felt a few unmistakable kicks, and there have been a few more flutters throughout the day today. otherwise, i'm feeling full faster, and having occasional heartburn. 

cravings: lemon iced tea, chili dogs, and pistachio fluff (that Cool Whip concoction with mini marshmallows).  

what i miss: this sounds crazy, but i kind of miss all the planning and research that i was doing around this time with Greta. i keep feeling like i should be doing more or reading more or buying more, but we're pretty much set in terms of baby equipment. the only thing i do want to pick up is a Sit'n'Stand stroller. and we had such a great experience with Greta's birth that we're basically planning to do it again (hopefully this time without the induction) -- a hospital birth attended by a midwife and doula. 
looking forward to: one week from today, we get to see Little Peanut again ... and if he or she cooperates, we'll find out the sex! (my soapbox moment: people always refer to it as finding out the gender. really what you're finding out about is the sex organs, which is NOT the same as gender, but i think people are squeamish about using the word "sex" or it just feels more polite to say "gender", or they just truly don't know the difference. i generally refer to it that way too if i'm talking to strangers or coworkers, since i don't want to get into that whole discussion, but it drives me up the wall!) i still have a gut feeling that it's a boy (although maybe that's just laziness because i love the boy name options we've picked out, and we haven't agreed on a girl name yet). 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

seventeen weeks!

bump watch: not only is there more of a bump in my lower belly, but now my upper belly is starting to pop out too! and the top half of my belly button is protruding a little, which is bizarre (but i remember the same thing happening with Sweetpea). by the end of the day i'm feelin' huge, which makes me a little nervous for what the next 22 weeks may bring. holding steady over the past few weeks with a 10 lb weight gain total. 
little peanut: is the size of a turnip -- not the cutest vegetable out there, but oh well! estimated weight is five ounces and estimated length is five inches. baby is practicing sucking and swallowing, and can also hear outside noises now. so he or she will be well prepared for the chaos of our house with two cats, one dog, and a toddler ... 

image credit from Baby Center

best moment: hitting up the outlets over Memorial Day Weekend for some fantastic sales on summer maternity clothes, as well as gender-neutral clothes for Little Peanut.  my favourite find? a red onesie that says "Mommy Made Me Awesome". i'm working on it! 

symptoms: lots and lots more definitive kicks and movement! in particular, there was a lot of kicking last night when the Penguins scored the winning goal in game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals ... perhaps we have a sports fan on our hands? and if so, a clairvoyant one, since i was already in bed (Nick texted me just as they won, and that's when all the kicks ensued). otherwise feeling good, just ... chubby. 

cravings: chili dogs with pepperjack cheese, red onions, yellow mustard, and lots of sweet relish. also watermelon. i've spotted a recipe for peach raspberry wine slushies floating around the internet, which also sound delicious! but i actually was pleased to discover O'Douls Amber Ale this weekend, which is a non-alcoholic beer that tastes passably like Yuengling. so many of the non-alcoholic beverage options are sweet, and i really missed the palate-cleansing acidity of beer. 

what i miss: up til last year, i never thought i'd be saying this, but i miss running! the main issue now is that my sports bras no longer fit comfortably, so i've just sort of given up. but i really do miss the actual exercise part of it, as well as the general boost in energy and metabolism that it gave me. 
looking forward to: seeing the Geiger clan next week to celebrate James' high school graduation. i can't believe how fast time flies ... it seems like yesterday that he was asking me to get him "bepfus" in the morning, or watching "clucks" (trucks) outside. and now he's all grown up and has already signed a contract to play baseball for a local community college. sunrise, sunset ... why yes, i'm going to be a weepy mess watching him get his diploma!