Thursday, June 6, 2013

15 & 16 weeks!


bump watch: ta da! sweet pea is definitely making his/her presence known (as is the tag on my shirt ... full disclosure: i made Nick take another picture from the other side after i realized the tag was showing,  but the angle was less than flattering and i need all the help i can get!). you'll notice i had a mom-fail and didn't get a 15 week picture, but there truly hasn't been much change in the belly since last week! 
sweet pea: is five inches long and weighs three ounces. the powers that be at What to Expect When You're Expecting say that this is turnip-sized (um... not so cute), but they also throw out the more appealing notion that the baby is about the size of your open hand. the very best part is that sweet pea can now hear outside noises along with my voice. this means getting early exposure to organ music and NPR (to Nick's delight), and to the theme songs from Gossip Girl and True Blood, along with the Ke$ha and PitBull concert i went to last weekend (much to Nick's chagrin). it still feels weird to talk directly to my belly, but we sure talk about sweet pea a lot! 

Fetal Development Week 17

best moment: going on a shopping spree that didn't break the bank last week! my lovely mother-in-law  asked if i'd like to stop by a kids' consignment store by their house. it was amazing. super cute clothes for $1-3 a piece, plus a good selection of maternity clothes for 50-75% off retail prices. i even got the most punny breastfeeding pillow in all the land - My Brest Friend (yepppp) - for $15! it comes with a super cute washable cover with pockets for your cell phone, lotion, water bottle, and whatever other accouterments one might need. 

symptoms: so far so good the past few weeks. i haven't yet experienced the typical second-trimester ravenousness, and the belly hasn't gotten to an uncomfortable stage yet. enjoying this while it lasts! 

cravings: cookies & cream ice cream. and my beloved Bottom Dollar had a sale last week that included quarts of Breyer's (my fave!) for $2. now that's what i call The Stars Aligning. 

what i miss: a giant plate of sushi, served with a concoction of wasabi swirled into soy sauce. mmmm. i guess i could substitute a california roll that doesn't include any raw fish, but it's just not the same. 
looking forward to: still the anatomy scan (now scheduled for June 29!), but with even more excitement: we can bring a blank rewritable DVD to the appointment, and they'll record a portion of the ultrasound! this makes my Camera Katie heart exuberantly happy. 

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