Thursday, April 11, 2013

well, that too

last night, our choir had a belated birthday celebration for Nick (our fearless conductor and my beloved husband). because of his passion for providing a beautiful, prayerful liturgy, he programs plenty of Latin motets and Gregorian chants. unfortunately, proper Latin pronunciation has been a stumbling block for some of us -- and proper church Latin pronunciation is still a stickler for me, after years of classical Wheelock's Latin where "c" always makes a hard "k" sound no matter what vowel might fall after it. 

so it wasn't entirely inappropriate that his birthday cake had a little difficulty in saying what it wanted to say. we all had a good laugh and promptly dug into the delectable chocolatey goodness (with cream cheese frosting, no less!). and Nick graciously thanked us for our efforts, as imperfect as they often are.

i now present to you: Cake Wrecks, Latin Edition

a hint for the un-discerning eye: it's supposed to read "ad multos annos". 

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