Friday, April 12, 2013

living room

we moved into our house almost two years ago, and the furnishings and decor are still a work in progress. we do have a full dining room and bedroom suite, but the family room and living room furniture are a hodge podge of pieces from IKEA, college and auctions. last summer, nick did a fantastic job painting the living room and installing crown moulding, as well as putting in a gorgeous antique mantel and restoring the fireplace, but our couch left something to be desired. 

not our actual couch, but you get the idea. 

plus we had inherited a wicker love seat with green floral cushions from the previous owners, which has become the cats' favourite perch but just adds to the crazy-lady atmosphere. 

ever since we moved, we've been looking for antique Queen Anne-style furniture to round out the look. and finally, earlier this week, Nick stumbled upon an auction with some great pieces at great prices. behold our new (to us!) living room set! we feel so grown-up. and maybe a little bit nuts for getting white furniture. and maybe a little like telling Liam and Bertram these couches do not belong to them.

nick says this looks like a fancy feast ad.

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