Tuesday, April 23, 2013

ten weeks!

please excuse my t-rex arms.

bump watch: oh, it's growing! during my pure barre workout yesterday (which i adore!! it's the best of Pilates and gymnastic-style conditioning combined!) i could definitely feel more pressure in my lower abdomen while doing crunches. i'm looking foward to putting my new belly band to good use -- it looks like a tube top and is designed to be worn over your (unbuttoned) pants to help hold the pants up and provide a little extra support. and to top it all off, at our first appointment this morning, the midwife said my uterus felt more like 14 weeks' size than 10 weeks' size so obviously there's more going on than just flub! grow baby grow!
sweet pea: is two inches long, the size of a lime. which has been making me crave margaritas with a salted rim, and bud light lime (the only light beer i actually enjoy). the fingernails and toenails are starting to form. at this point, baby's head is just as big as the entire remainder of the body. and that heart is pumping fast and furiously!
so for consistency's sake, i'm staying with the weekly photo from What to Expect, but i find this depiction particularly creepy:
Fetal Development Week 11
here's another picture that looks much cuter (note the discrepancy between being 10 weeks pregnant, but being IN the 11th week OF pregnancy - it gets confusing!)

image credit from University of Maryland Medical Center

best moment: and finally, the moment i've been waiting for since we first saw those two pink lines. we had our first prenatal appointment at the midwife center today and it was fantastic. it didn't go quite as planned because the midwife was delivering a baby just as i arrived for my appointment, and had to dash out to deliver a second baby before we were done, but we got all the paperwork taken care of and she made a valiant effort to find sweet pea's heartbeat. this was also after she palpated my abdomen and remarked that it felt larger than 10 weeks', but since she wasn't able to detect the heartbeat on doppler she decided it was unlikely that my dates were off, and that there was some other reason for measuring large. (like probably the chinese buffet.) so she said the magic words: "I'm sending you for an ultrasound!" we were able to schedule the ultrasound for an hour later and i am so glad we didn't have to wait longer. even though i know it's hit or miss to be able to catch the heartbeat on doppler at 10 weeks, it is still nerve-racking to think there might be something wrong, and my brain started going wild with cray-cray thoughts about possible causes for large uterus + no heartbeat, like a missed miscarriage or a molar pregnancy.

that ultrasound calmed all of our fears. baby's heartbeat is 178 bpm and the ultrasound tech commented, "you have a very active baby!" which i take as a good sign. the sizes are right on, it's a singleton pregnancy (no twins!), and she said all looks good to her. so no real explanation for why my belly is big, but all that matters is...

here's sweet pea!

see? not all concentration-camp like that What to Expect picture. in fact, sweet pea looks downright chubby to me. and i can't get over how much that top photo looks like a gummy bear!

symptoms: make that two times that the prenatal vitamins have wreaked havoc on my stomach. other than that, i'm still feeling good. after hearing some horror stories about women that have been horribly sick, i am so thankful that i've been able to carry on with all my normal activities.

cravings: see margarita & bud light lime, above. i also caved and bought chocolate milk which has always been one of my faves. it just makes me so happy. we went out to a new-to-us Thai restaurant in Dormont for lunch today and Nick asked, "does baby like Thai food?" jury's still out on that, but i sure do!

what i miss: honestly, at this point? nothing. i am so ecstatic and grateful to be carrying this little life and feel blessed that the pregnancy gods have smiled on me thus far. also i can't stop staring at sweet pea's profile. in the second photo, you can see a little arm poking up to wave at us. hi baby! (okay, i need to stop.)
looking forward to: holding this bebe in our arms. we still have a long way to go -- 29 weeks and 5 days to be exact -- but it all feels so much more real now. we are beyond thrilled!!!

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