Monday, April 8, 2013

eight weeks!

bump watch: oh, Lord, the bloat! we still have a full four weeks to go before baby itself moves up out of the pelvis, but i definitely have some oochio-poochio business going on (emphasis on the POOCH).   
sweet pea: is an entire inch long -- apparently the size of a green olive (that's a pretty big olive!). arms and legs are moving, and the liver, spleen, and gallbladder are forming.
Fetal Development Week 9
best moment: the sweet little footed outfit nick's mom bought that says "you are my sunshine" on the chest. i'd really like to decorate the nursery in soft greys and yellows and frame a print of the lyrics to "you are my sunshine" on the wall, and now baby will fit right in! :) 
symptoms: dare i say, a little of the fatigue has lifted? it's generally supposed to persist for the whole first trimester, but i'm not complaining about having the energy to actually clean and cook and read in the evening. sadly, in its place has come a most unwelcome guest: the bloat (see above). after every meal, i feel like i've just eaten a Thanksgiving dinner. thank goodness it's getting warm out now so i can whip out the dresses!
cravings: starbucks' hazelnut macchiatos. oh-so-delicious. and yesterday, the urge for Chinese food struck (which couldn't possibly be contributing to the bloat...)
what i miss: clear, acne-free skin. also mimosas.
looking forward to: our first prenatal appointment in two weeks!! i'm hopeful we can hear the heartbeat via doppler (i'll be ten weeks, so it's definitely a possibility). the midwife center doesn't do ultrasounds in-house, so i'm also hoping we can schedule one sometime soon and get our first glimpse of sweet pea. :)

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