Monday, April 1, 2013

seven weeks!

haha - this face is called "i want to crawl into bed right now" - nick's sadly getting to see this one a lot

bump watch: pants still fit no problem-o, and i think the little bit of fullness i'm noticing is more due to Easter feasting than baby.  
sweet pea: is a whole half an inch long! that means we're moving on up to raspberry-sized. the little nose and eyelids are forming, and fingers and toes are starting to become distinct. heart is beating about 150 times per minute (can't wait to hear it in a few weeks!).
Fetal Development Week 8
best moment: telling nick's extended family at Easter dinner, and some more members of my extended family over the phone. lots of excitement all around! nick's cousin is due with her first baby in just 10 days, so it's fun to think that they'll be growing up together. 
symptoms: my penchant for buffalo chicken and curry came back to bite me last week with some truly uncomfortable heartburn. since i've avoided spicy foods and tomatoes the past few days, things have calmed down. but ohhhhhhhhh, the acne. it's bad, folks. my typical go-to topical treatments (salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide) aren't safe in pregnancy, so i've been using belli skin care's anti-blemish facial wash, which smells like fresh lemons and sunshine and keeps some of the oil at bay. blech.
cravings: cold 2% milk. can't get enough. and for a few days i couldn't shake the urge for deviled eggs, egg salad, hard boiled eggs, basically eggs of any variety. sweet pea is a protein fiend (therefore, definitely nick's child!). 
what i miss: beer. we're planning a little outing to the hofbrauhaus to celebrate nick's birthday on thursday, and it's going to take all my willpower to resist a frosty liter of their april special dark lager, steel town schwarzbier
looking forward to: making it through the next few weeks. each day that passes uneventfully is a little prayer of thanksgiving that our sweet pea is sticking! 

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  1. I love the weekly updates!!! and I had no idea you couldn't use salicylic acid & benzoyl perozide in pregnancy??? bummer.
    give baby a pat for me!!