Thursday, April 18, 2013

tasty thursdays - crockpot edition, volume 2!

there are just too many fantastic crock pot meals to squeeze into one week, so here's another round up of our favourites. whoever invented the crockpot should seriously get a prize. my Hamilton 6-quart is perfect for dinner, but at some point i'd love to add a mini-crockpot to my collection (the better to serve hot dips in, my dear!). as always, remember that  these photos are linked directly back to the blogs from whence they came. i'm also linking up to Taste and Tell's weekly round up

without further ado:

cream cheese chicken

Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken. Photo by Sandi (From CA)
image credit from

this is super easy and super delicious. not the healthiest recipe in my repertoire by far, but it is the very definition of comfort food. i like to serve this over rice or buttered noodles.

this is a regular in our rotation -- i especially like the sweet crunch the corn adds to the rest of the flavors. it tastes even better the next day, and it's a fantastic way to use up leftover turkey or chicken. 

easiest ever coq au vin
Easiest-Ever Coq au Vin
image credit from family circle

i was a little skeptical about how well coq au vin would translate to the slow cooker, but i needn't have worried. it's certainly the classiest dish to ever come out of my crockpot, and the flavors deepen deliciously over the course of the day. i do season the chicken with salt and pepper, then brown in a little bit of oil before adding to the crockpot to help release the flavors and add to the visual appeal. bon appetit! 

bavarian pot roast

from mennonite girls can cook

image credit from mennonite girls can cook

it's sad that this recipe isn't all that photogenic, because it is scrumptious and makes an elegant Sunday supper. serve with spaetzle and a frosty liter of dunkel (sam adams' oktoberfest is an acceptable substitute!).
from family circle

Black Beans and Pork
image credit from family circle

the original recipe calls for pork loin, but i prefer to use a bone-in shoulder or butt roast and cook on low for 8-10 hours. when the pork is done, discard the bone and pull the meat apart into pieces (but don't shred). serve over rice -- i like to put it straight into the rice cooker with a tablespoon of peanut oil, then jazz it up with chopped cilantro and a few tablespoons of lime juice when it's done. not only is it packed with protein, but it's also affordable. doesn't get better than that!

see you next week!

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