Friday, July 12, 2013

friday faves, vol. 3

TGIF! it's been a whirlwind week getting back into the daily routine after our trip to Seattle, coupled with crazy storms on Tuesday that flooded several roads. here's some things that kept me smiling:

-- AMC's show Breaking Bad, which is now in its fifth season and for good reason. Nick started watching it last week, and then, like the awesome hubby he is, watched the first few three four episodes again with me last night so i could catch up. the plot seems ridiculously farfetched (a nerdy chemistry professor turned crystal meth dealer?!), but the character development makes it more believable ... and impossible to stop watching. ahem.

-- this fantastic guide to grilling a steak in a cast iron skillet, from Megan at Country Cleaver. i don't use my cast iron skillet as often as i should, but whenever i do, i feel like the Best. Wife. Ever. add steak to the equation and i'm pretty sure that title is a given! 

How to Grill a Steak in a Cast Iron Pan -

-- this totally accurate description of life in your late twenties. see #5 below. yes, yes, yes. 

5. You start a story with “when I was in college” and realize that was 10 years ago.

30 Signs You're Almost 30

-- this no-nonsense (but not legalistic) parenting philosophy that sets clear expectations and cuts down on the power struggles i foresee in our future if any of my offspring try to pull Katie Geiger shenanigans. (that would be me as a child, for the uninformed.) high fives to the dad below as well.

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