Monday, July 8, 2013

21 weeks!


bump watch: at almost five months pregnant (22 weeks = five months in pregnancy math), the bump is here to stay! i've also noticed that my bellybutton, which is usually an innie-slit, has started to look more open. it would be so weird to end up with an outie! 
sweet pea: is the size of a spaghetti squash! that equates to eight inches long, and a full pound. baby's eyelashes and eyebrows are fully formed, although they don't have pigment yet. and even though the eyelids are still closed, Sweetpea can distinguish between light and dark.

Fetal Development Week 22

best moment: on our flight home from Seattle yesterday, i was feeling some major kicks, so i reached over and put Nick's hand on my belly. his entire face lit up when he felt Sweetpea kicking for the first time! there is truly nothing like it! 

symptoms: i think bawling through Kelli's entire wedding qualifies! she was such a stunning bride. i usually cry a little at weddings, gravid or not, but every time i looked at her i wanted to burst into happy tears. at least i wasn't the only one who cried during the toast. Kelli and her new husband, Colin, have such a wonderful relationship and are two of the most caring, motivated people i know. their day was a beautiful tribute to their love. i was too busy dabbing away tears to take any pictures myself on the big day (i know!!), but here are a few shamelessly stolen from facebook. credit for the first one goes to their amazing wedding photographer, Taylor from One Button Photography

see? both crying. 

cravings: fruit, fruit, and more fruit! especially grapes, blueberries, and pineapple.

what i miss: several people at the rehearsal dinner ordered my favourite Long Island iced tea, and it was hard to resist! thank goodness for Uncle Scott, who recommended a refreshing nonalcoholic beverage that they discovered in South Africa this year. i bring you the... Rock Shandy! half lemonade, half soda, with a splash of bitters. it looks pretty and tastes fantastic. 

looking forward to: yet another chance to take a peek at Sweetpea. although they didn't find any abnormalities on our anatomy scan, the tech was unable to fully visualize all four chambers of baby's heart since Sweetpea wouldn't move out of that cozy upper right-hand corner! so sometime in the next few weeks, we'll schedule another look just to make sure all is well. 

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