Tuesday, July 16, 2013

22 weeks!


bump watch: i officially can't see my toes anymore (unless i crane my head waaay forward). there have also been a few days when the bump is lopsided -- Sweetpea still loves that right side!  i can still squeeze into most of my workout clothes, as demonstrated above, but otherwise, all my pants and about half of my shirts/dresses are maternity. 
sweet pea: is supposedly the size of a papaya, which seems so bizarre to me. i always imagined papayas to be equivalent to the size of a mango? another website compared the size to a Barbie doll, at 8 1/2 inches long and 1 lb 2 ounces. the biggest developmental phenomenon for this upcoming month is that baby will double his or her weight over the next four weeks. time to chub up, little one! 
Fetal Development Week 23

best moment: hearing Sweetpea's heartbeat for the third time at my last midwife appointment. it just doesn't get old! 

symptoms: the heartburn is baaaa-aaack! not helped by eating tomatoes and marinara sauce for a few days in a row. at least Tums helps quench the fire a little bit, but especially if i bend over while doing things around the house, i want to tear my esophagus out. on the bright side, Sweetpea is kicking and flipping like a banshee! 

cravings: still with the fruit this week. i almost ate an entire pint of strawberries before supper tonight. also, lemon-flavored Brisk. gross, i know...

what i miss: being able to predict what goes on with my skin. it will still break out like crazy sometimes even though i use the same face wash and cleansing regimen every day. i-wish-i-wish-i-wish-i-wish that doxycycline was safe in pregnancy! 
looking forward to: mom, dad and kira visiting next month! it will be their first time here since we moved back to Pittsburgh. i'm looking forward to taking them to new parts of the city, eating at some of our favourite restaurants, and just spending time with them. 

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