Tuesday, July 2, 2013

20 weeks!

{20 week picture to come!}

bump watch: ooooo-ooooh, we're halfway there, oooo-ooooh, livin' on a prayer...! i cannot believe that we are already to the 20-week point. it's definitely fun to finally look pregnant, although there's still quite a variation from day to day and it depends a lot on the clothes i wear!
sweet pea: measures seven inches long and weighs approximately eleven ounces. the major development this week is baby's taste buds! i always thought the anecdotes about children growing up to like whatever food their mother craved when pregnant were just coincidence, but apparently the amniotic fluid is actually affected by what i eat. sweet pea is destined for a lifetime of loving meat and salty snacks! i've been eating a lot more fruits and veggies in the past few weeks too, so hopefully we don't have too many fights over broccoli in our future. 

Fetal Development Week 21

best moment: getting to see sweetpea again at our anatomy scan on Saturday! for all the movement i had felt last week, i was super excited to see the kicks and flips in action. of course, the little stinker was sleeping for most of the scan and wouldn't budge even after i walked around, pushed on my belly and basically made a fool of myself marching and dancing around. baby is breech and mostly hanging out on my right side. it was soooo hard to resist finding out whether sweet pea is a he or a she ... and Nick thinks that the tech mentioned something about "her" at one point during the scan, but i didn't catch that, and didn't see anything obvious one way or the other. we shall see! 

symptoms: a little more swelling now that it's been more hot and humid. i've had a few minor headaches that turn out to be nothing, but always make me nervous because i hate the thought of getting a migraine without being able to take my prescription medication. so far, so good -- i think they're either related to tension or simply the vascular congestion that accompanies pregnancy in general. 

cravings: ummmmm so i may have bought another bag of those cheddar & horseradish chips. they are unreal. also, after our anatomy scan, we were discussing places to go to lunch when i spied a Red Robin across the road and Nick couldn't stop laughing at my delighted freak-out. never did a guacamole bacon burger taste so good...

what i miss: this is a little TMI, but ... a properly fitting bra! i ordered some from Her Room online that were the right size, but didn't like the style, so i shipped them back to exchange for a different brand. here's hoping they do the trick because things are getting a little ridiculous.
looking forward to: my sweet Kelli's wedding this weekend! i'm flying to Seattle tomorrow for the pre-wedding festivities, then Nick will join us on Friday and the wedding is on Saturday. can't wait to see family and friends and watch one of my favourite people walk down the aisle!

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