Wednesday, October 26, 2016

thirty-eight weeks!

bump watch: we're measuring at 40 weeks again this week! baby thankfully remains head down, and she was right occiput transverse at my appointment yesterday (meaning the back of her head is facing my right side and her arms and legs are pointing towards my left. this position is more favourable for her to turn into the optimal occiput anterior position (back of her head facing out), as opposed to Greta who was occiput posterior (also known as sunny-side-up).

little peanut: is the size of a winter melon ... i'm really quite amazed at how many varieties of melon there apparently are. the midwife estimated that she'd be about eight pounds at delivery, which is exactly what they said about Greta (who was 7 pounds 5 ounces at 41 weeks and 3 days!), so we'll see! her lungs are fully matured, and her vocal cords are ready to start making some noise!

Fetal Development Week 39

best moment: by far, the highlight of the week was resolving the issue with my insurance provider. i spoke to one of their member representatives last week and she filed an expedited appeal on my behalf to try to get them to cover my delivery at in-network rates. i found out yesterday afternoon that they approved my request, so my delivery at Mercy will be covered! i'm so relieved to be delivering at the same hospital where i had such a great experience with Greta, and with the midwives who have taken such excellent care of me through both pregnancies. and i found out from the midwives today that they also approved in-network rates for the other 20 women who were in my exact same situation. lots of happy pregnant women in Pittsburgh today!

symptoms: puffy fingers, and a few irregular contractions. baby's still sitting up high, so i don't have too much of the pregnancy waddle going on yet!

cravings: Halloween candy. specifically Snickers ... and these specially flavored Brach's candy corn someone brought into work. they taste like waffles and i can't get enough.

what i miss: my sense of balance and general idea of how much space i need to maneuver. this morning i accidentally bumped a patient with my belly while examining her back so, you know, that's awkward.
looking forward to: finishing up the remaining few items on my to-do list. i did get the hospital and baby bags packed this week. i still need to put the sheets on the co-sleeper; wrap Greta's gift to the baby, and "baby's" gift to Greta; and assemble the double stroller. and of course, i can't wait to meet our sweet little girl and start to experience life as a family of four!

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