Friday, July 8, 2016

twenty-two weeks!

bump watch: it is out of control! i feel like baby girl has definitely had a growth spurt over the past few weeks and i'm looking more like i did at 24-25 weeks with Greta. i'm starting to bump into things with my belly because i'm not quite used to it yet. 
little peanut: is the size of a spaghetti squash. eight inches long and weighing a full pound! baby's sense of touch is developing this week, so she can grasp the umbilical cord or touch her face. and eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair are starting to grow too, although none of it has pigment yet.
Fetal Development Week 23

best moment: finally deciding on a double stroller! i was looking for a sit'n'stand style stroller since there will be a three-year gap between Greta and Peanut, but most of the popular and affordable models are not fully compatible with our Chicco Keyfit car seat. after lots of research, i think we're going to go with the Joovy Ultralight Caboose. there's a huge  local consignment sale in August so i'll look for one then. i also started a to-do list on my phone with everything that needs to be done to get ready for Little Peanut's arrival. there are still 18 weeks to go, give or take, but i always feel better with a tangible list! 

symptoms: lots and lots and lots of movement! more than i remember with Greta, but who knows if that memory is accurate. otherwise feeling okay. 

cravings: hot dogs or brats with lots of relish. 

what i miss: my exercise groove! i was on a roll last week, and then over the long weekend for the Fourth of July, i buckled down and potty-trained Greta, so i was watching her like a hawk the whole day and too exhausted to do anything after she went to bed. she's doing great now and so i'm going to get back on the wagon! 
looking forward to: my prenatal appointment next week. hard to believe i'll already be 23 weeks by that point ... baby's almost viable! and even though all this movement is reassuring, there's still nothing like hearing that heartbeat. keep on growing, Little Peanut! 

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