Tuesday, July 12, 2016

twenty-three weeks!

bump watch: see above! i think it's pretty obvious, but several of Greta's daycare teachers at least acted surprised when i told them we're expecting another one (Greta wore her big sister shirt to daycare yesterday, so they were asking where the other sibling was!). 
little peanut: is the size of a papaya, eight inches long and 1.2 pounds. baby's skin is still translucent and wrinkly, but she's starting to develop more keratin which will help her skin develop its final texture. and i got ridiculously excited upon reading that pneumocytes are developing in baby's lungs! 

Fetal Development Week 25

best moment: seeing baby girl's kicks from the outside for the first time this week! she was having a dance party one night, and i could see kicks and punches all over my belly. of course, as soon as i pulled out my phone to start recording, she decided to play shy. 

symptoms: feeling that relaxin kick in to loosen my joints -- when i bend or stretch, my hips and back will pop. it's not uncomfortable at all, but it is a little disconcerting! 

cravings: not too much this week, at least not with the intensity of having to have something in particular right now. i've been feeling full faster lately, too. 

what i miss: frozen Cosmos at Harris Grill. they just make happy hour so ... well, happy. 
looking forward to: actually getting to hold this little one (not until she is good and ready to come out, though!). many of my friends have had babies recently and Amelia is in labor as i type this, and so the reality that there is a real live baby in there is becoming more apparent! and i'm so curious about her personality and temperament. i credit some of Greta's flexibility and emotional stability to the principles we've applied from our favourite parenting books (and obviously we're still learning lots -- just tonight i started reading The Whole Brain Child and it's fascinating!), but it will be interesting to see how much of that carries over to Little Peanut! at the same time, i don't want to be constantly comparing them (even in my own head, and definitely not verbalizing comparisons out loud to them). we love you already, Peanut, and we are so excited to meet you and learn who you are! 

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