Saturday, May 7, 2016

thirteen weeks!

bump watch: there's definitely a little oochi-poochio business going on! i still fit in regular clothes, but i usually opt for the more forgiving fabrics and styles, and putting on PJs at night is pure bliss.  

little peanut: is three inches long, about as big as a peach! (more on peaches in a minute.) as baby's bones and muscles continue to form, he or she can start to move around and may even be able to suck that tiny thumb! craziness. baby's head is half the size of his or her body at this point. grow, baby, grow!

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image credit from What to Expect When You're Expecting

best moment: we had the honor of joining the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network walk with Team Tomlinson this week, in memory of our dear friend Joe, who passed away in February. the weather was cool and occasionally drizzly, but we enjoyed the easy 5K route through North Park with the beautiful views of the water, and even spotted a red cardinal (a symbol of loved ones who have passed away). we miss you, Joe!
symptoms: acne! this hit around 7 weeks when i was pregnant with Greta -- and i was beginning to think i might avoid it this time around. but nope! it's definitely not as bad as i remember it being with Greta, possibly because i changed up my skincare regimen several months ago. i was noticing increasing skin redness and sensitivity using my usual acne-fighting cleansers, so i stopped all salicylic acid products (except for an occasional spot treatment), started using Cerave face wash, and the Mary Kay Timewise regimen. my skin is much happier! and all of these products are safe to use during pregnancy, so i haven't had to switch around my routine.

cravings: literally as soon as i read that baby was the size of a peach, i needed peaches and cream ice cream. lo and behold, Aldi sells it! so, so good. can't wait for juicy peaches from our farmer's market! 

what i miss: my energy and motivation. i know it's normal for this stage of pregnancy, but it would be nice to feel like i can accomplish something in the evening besides making dinner, putting Greta to bed, and ... maybe doing the dishes. (usually just falling asleep on the couch at 9 pm.)

looking forward to: traveling to San Antonio for our national PA conference next week! it will be good to catch up with friends (although i'm so bummed that Julie can't make it!), refresh my memory on medical conditions i don't see every day, and learn about new drug therapies or updated clinical guidelines. my nerdy self is so excited! 

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