Thursday, May 26, 2016

sixteen weeks!

bump watch: it's not going anywhere, that's for sure! i don't think there's been a dramatic change since last week, but i did finally get out my beloved Motherhood Maternity dress pants and they're even more comfortable than i remember.  
little peanut: is avocado-sized: five inches long and weighing between three to five ounces. baby can now hear my voice and probably some outside noises as well, which makes it even more adorable when Greta puts her head on my belly and says "hi baby!". 

image credit from Baby Center

best moment: one of the physicians i work with generously gave me some old gift cards she had for some of my favourite children's clothing retailers, including Janie & Jack. time to do a little shopping! 

symptoms: feeling good overall! i'm still feeling movement, sometimes a few times a day, sometimes only every other day, but each little flutter is so delightful. 

cravings: i finally scratched the sushi itch with one of the most inauthentic (but pregnancy-safe) options there is: chicken tempura with avocado, cucumber, and spicy "bam-bam" sauce. dipped in a mixture of soy sauce and wasabi, it was pure heaven. 

what i miss: actual sashimi.
looking forward to: feeling more regular movements! and, as was the case last week, going for our anatomy scan. it's officially scheduled for June 14! we're so excited to see our Little Peanut's sweet face again! 

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