Tuesday, November 1, 2016

thirty-nine weeks!

bump watch: maybe the teensiest bit lower, although it doesn't appear that way from the angle of this picture! and definitely still growing. every few days i have to retire another piece of maternity clothing that isn't comfortable anymore, or just plain doesn't do the job!
little peanut: is officially full term! it's a relief to get to this point and know that she is definitely ready for life on the outside. her brain is continuing to grow and develop (and apparently has grown by 30% in the past month!).

Fetal Development Week 40

best moment: it's hard to pick from all the great things that happened this week. i'm still savoring the relief of knowing that my delivery at Mercy will be covered by my insurance. my coworkers at our Castle Shannon office threw an adorable sprinkle shower for baby girl -- we are certainly set in the clothing department! and on a non-baby-related note, we threw a surprise bridal shower for Blair this weekend. it was so much fun to celebrate with her and hang out with so many good friends!

symptoms: oh, all the joys that come with the final weeks of pregnancy ... puffy fingers, feet and face, back pain, fatigue, emotional lability, heartburn, and the mounting desire to have my body back!

cravings: chocolate. which is fortunate since Halloween was yesterday, and we have lots of leftover Snickers, Milky Way, and Twix!

what i miss: being able to move around without feeling like a pot-bellied octogenarian.
looking forward to: Mom's arrival next week ... hopefully soon to be followed by Little Peanut's grand debut!

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