Tuesday, November 8, 2016

forty weeks!

bump watch: little peanut seems pretty happy to just hang out! today is Election Day, and with all the craziness between Trump and Hillary, i'm not surprised she doesn't want to come out just yet. she has dropped down a little bit (i measured 39 cm at my appointment last week, after two weeks in a row of measuring at 40 cm) but not fully engaged. meanwhile, i'm running out of wardrobe options that are up to the task of covering this belly!

little peanut: is fully baked! every day from here on out, she's just continuing to grow, although there is a definite end date in sight (more on that below). she's still moving around regularly, but she doesn't have much room at this point! thankfully she's remained head down, although her back is still rotated towards my right side. i've still been seeing the chiropractor, who is helping to keep my pelvis in alignment and loosen up tight muscles and ligaments so she can move exactly where she needs to be!

Fetal Development Week 41

best moment: Mom is here! she arrived last night and it's been so great to visit. and i'm much more relaxed now ... Little Peanut can arrive any time!

symptoms: getting a little bit annoyed with maneuvering the belly, finding clothes that fit comfortably, peeing frequently, etc. overall i can't complain though -- i've had minimal swelling, and i'm still sleeping well at night despite getting up to use the bathroom. i alternate between feeling so ready to be done being pregnant, and also feeling anxious about labor. so glad i have Hypnobabies again, along with Nick and our doula for support!

cravings: French onion wavy chips. lucky husband!

what i miss: lying flat on my back to sleep.
looking forward to: meeting our sweet baby girl! we went ahead and scheduled an induction for November 15, one week from today, if she hasn't come on her own before then. the midwives gave me the option of starting regular non-stress tests at 41 weeks to monitor placental function versus scheduling the induction, and i didn't even hesitate. my induction experience with Greta was great (not so much the 2 days of prodromal labor leading up to it), and i feel better having a definite plan! one way or the other, we'll be seeing our baby soon, and i can't wait.

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