Thursday, September 22, 2016

thirty-three weeks!

bump watch: baby measured 34 weeks at my appointment this week, and is still head down! and the bump is definitely growing, although it seems to be a slow and steady progression rather than any super growth spurts.

little peanut: at 33 weeks is 4.5 lbs and 19 inches long. her brain is continuing to grow, causing her head circumference to expand by half an inch this week -- crazy! and she's settling into more routine sleep/wake cycles, which can freak me out sometimes since she'll go a few hours without moving. invariably, just as soon as i really start to wonder if everything is okay, she'll start kicking and rolling like a maniac -- little stinker!

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image credit from Baby Center

best moment: meeting with Amy, our doula, this morning! she was such a fantastic support person for us during Greta's birth, and i'm so excited to work with her again.

symptoms: i have a little cold this week, which would be no big deal except that many of my OTC go-tos are not recommended in pregnancy, so i'm "suffering" through the congestion and postnasal drip and just feeling a little blah. i did take Benadryl one night when my nose just wouldn't quit running, but otherwise i'm sticking to hot tea, Halls lozenges, and rest!

cravings: basically everything salty and sweet. aka the Cool Ranch Doritos and pumpkin gobs i brought to CSA night last night. at least i had help eating them!  

what i miss: being able to easily bend down and paint my toenails. i can still do it, but it's a struggle!
looking forward to: cashing in the spa gift card Nick thoughtfully gave me for my birthday last week! (see above re: the mounting complexities of at-home pedicures.) i'm planning to book a prenatal massage along with a pedi and a facial ... can't wait!!

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