Thursday, September 29, 2016

thirty-four weeks!

bump watch: annnnd there's definitely been another growth spurt this week! baby girl is a little lower too, which has made things ... uncomfortable, to put it discreetly. my only hope is that this means she'll be making her grand entrance sooner than her big sister did (at 10 days past due), but i'm not holding my breath!

little peanut: is the size of a pineapple -- weighing in at around 5 lbs and measuring about 19 inches long. her lungs are continuing to develop, and as she grows, there's less amniotic fluid surrounding her, so it's a little easier to distinguish her movements. in particular, i keep feeling (and seeing!) the bottom of her little foot poke out on the left side of my belly. so cute!

best moment: my thoughtful coworkers threw a sweet shower for me at work this week! it was a complete surprise, and it was so much fun to celebrate this little one. they all pitched in with delicious food, a beautiful cake, several adorable outfits, and a super soft teddy bear. little peanut, we can't wait to meet you!

symptoms: this week i'm definitely feeling more pregnant ... puffy ankles and fingers by the end of the day, some stiffness and pain in my low back and hips, fatigue, more Braxton Hicks contractions, and pelvic pressure (or lightning jabs, as the case may be). all of which makes me feel a little cranky, not because it's so terrible now, but because there's still 6 weeks to go!

cravings: lots of cold liquids, of any sort.

what i miss: feeling svelte.
looking forward to: completing my mission of buying a double stroller! the huge consignment sale i've been waiting for is this weekend, and if they don't have the one i'm looking for, i'm going to use my completion discount on Amazon to get it. otherwise we're all set with baby gear!

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