Wednesday, August 31, 2016

twenty-nine & thirty weeks!

bump watch: curious to see how my belly will measure at my appointment tomorrow, since i was already measuring 30 weeks at my 28 week visit! my belly is still growing, but i haven't noticed the same major growth spurt that i had between weeks 26-28. baby is dancing and jiving, which makes for some entertaining undulations.
little peanut: weighs 3.1 pounds and is 17 inches long, the size of a butternut squash.  baby girl's brain is developing folds and wrinkles this week, to maximize surface area and make all those synapses possible! she's also developing fingernails. and this week, she's finally reached newborn proportions (instead of her head being huge compared to the rest of her body).

best moment: i had a serendipitous moment at my favourite kids' consignment store yesterday. i stopped in to see if they had the Joovy double stroller i want, which they didn't, but they did have an adorable three piece newborn outfit with a green striped hoodie, jeggings, and a green long sleeved onesie that was tucked inside the hoodie. when i got home, i discovered that the onesie says "Little Sister". so perfect! 

symptoms: a little short of breath when i first lie down or when i'm climbing stairs. still able to move around pretty well though. i've started on the third trimester workouts for Tracy Anderson's Pregnancy Project, and was grateful to see that she modifies many of the exercises previously done on all fours to a standing version with a chair for support! 

cravings: buffalo wing pretzel bites.

what i miss: verbatim from my 30 week post with Greta: my abs. and my Crest Whitestrips. 
looking forward to: snuggling Little Peanut! i've had such baby fever the last few weeks ... whenever i see a baby out and about i just want to cuddle him or her. i'm so excited to see this little one's face (and curious to see who she looks like!), and discover her personality. 

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