Thursday, August 18, 2016

twenty-eight weeks!

bump watch: baby girl has had a growth spurt over the last few weeks! and it's not just my imagination -- she measured 2 weeks ahead at my appointment this morning. i'm already starting to stretch the limits of some of my maternity shirts, and we have a loooong way to go!
little peanut: is the size of a cabbage -- 2.5 pounds and 16 inches long. the most amazing brain development this week is that baby can now dream! i wonder what goes through her little head when she sleeps. she's also practicing blinking.

best moment: so many great things this week! Greta went to her Sibling Class at the hospital this weekend and loved taking a tour of the delivery unit and seeing a real baby in the nursery. afterwards she told me her favourite part of the class was "the movie" (they showed a DVD of kids interacting with their new baby siblings) and the snacks ("banilla pudding"). the baby doll she brought to class was given the royal treatment -- a few diapers, a stretchy hat, and a swaddling blanket to keep.
also this week, Mom, Dad, James and Krista came for their much-anticipated visit. John and Genesis drove up from Cincinnati as well, and the day after John and Genesis left, Kira arrived via the bus here from New York! we had a blast hanging out and doing some fun things around Pittsburgh (visiting Phipps Conservatory, Antney's Ice Cream, the Strip District, and Point State Park). and during their visit, Genesis generously offered to take maternity, birth, and newborn photos for us. we never had maternity or birth photos done with Greta, and i'm excited to have these priceless memories captured by a professional!
and the icing on the cake was passing my 1 hour glucose tolerance test! (no pun intended.) wahoo!

symptoms: a little more tired by the end of the day. it feels oh-so-glorious to crawl into bed and get all snuggled up with my pregnancy pillow! otherwise feeling good.
cravings: Chick-fil-A! the spicy chicken sandwich just hits the spot.
what i miss: right now, nothing. i'm so excited to meet this little one. peanut, you're already part of the family, and we can't wait to snuggle you!
looking forward to: the final trimester! crazy that we're already to this point. i feel like this pregnancy has gone by so much faster than my pregnancy with Greta. time to start checking more things off the getting-ready-for-baby list!

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