Thursday, June 2, 2016

seventeen weeks!

bump watch: not only is there more of a bump in my lower belly, but now my upper belly is starting to pop out too! and the top half of my belly button is protruding a little, which is bizarre (but i remember the same thing happening with Sweetpea). by the end of the day i'm feelin' huge, which makes me a little nervous for what the next 22 weeks may bring. holding steady over the past few weeks with a 10 lb weight gain total. 
little peanut: is the size of a turnip -- not the cutest vegetable out there, but oh well! estimated weight is five ounces and estimated length is five inches. baby is practicing sucking and swallowing, and can also hear outside noises now. so he or she will be well prepared for the chaos of our house with two cats, one dog, and a toddler ... 

image credit from Baby Center

best moment: hitting up the outlets over Memorial Day Weekend for some fantastic sales on summer maternity clothes, as well as gender-neutral clothes for Little Peanut.  my favourite find? a red onesie that says "Mommy Made Me Awesome". i'm working on it! 

symptoms: lots and lots more definitive kicks and movement! in particular, there was a lot of kicking last night when the Penguins scored the winning goal in game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals ... perhaps we have a sports fan on our hands? and if so, a clairvoyant one, since i was already in bed (Nick texted me just as they won, and that's when all the kicks ensued). otherwise feeling good, just ... chubby. 

cravings: chili dogs with pepperjack cheese, red onions, yellow mustard, and lots of sweet relish. also watermelon. i've spotted a recipe for peach raspberry wine slushies floating around the internet, which also sound delicious! but i actually was pleased to discover O'Douls Amber Ale this weekend, which is a non-alcoholic beer that tastes passably like Yuengling. so many of the non-alcoholic beverage options are sweet, and i really missed the palate-cleansing acidity of beer. 

what i miss: up til last year, i never thought i'd be saying this, but i miss running! the main issue now is that my sports bras no longer fit comfortably, so i've just sort of given up. but i really do miss the actual exercise part of it, as well as the general boost in energy and metabolism that it gave me. 
looking forward to: seeing the Geiger clan next week to celebrate James' high school graduation. i can't believe how fast time flies ... it seems like yesterday that he was asking me to get him "bepfus" in the morning, or watching "clucks" (trucks) outside. and now he's all grown up and has already signed a contract to play baseball for a local community college. sunrise, sunset ... why yes, i'm going to be a weepy mess watching him get his diploma! 

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