Wednesday, June 15, 2016

nineteen weeks!


bump watch: it's growing by the day! especially at night, i feel like i already look six months pregnant. the joys of a second pregnancy! a few of the patients i see regularly have started to look a little longer at my belly when i walk into the exam room. so far nobody has been brave enough to ask if i'm pregnant, but i can see the wheels turning! 
little peanut: weighs half a pound and is 6 inches long, about the size of a tomato! which is fitting, since at least three of the meals i planned for this week involve marinara sauce. baby's movements are much more coordinated this week, and vernix is starting to develop to provide a protective covering for that sensitive skin. 

Fetal Development Week 20

best moment: we had our anatomy scan yesterday and ... little peanut is a girl!! despite my (clearly faulty) intuition, i am so excited for Greta to have a little sister, and for peanut to have such a great big sister. there was a little dramatic buildup to the gender reveal at the scan, since our little lady's legs were crossed up til the very end. finally, after some poking with the ultrasound wand, the ultrasound tech was able to get a clear shot. 

beyond the excitement of knowing a little more about our little peanut, i'm so grateful for a healthy baby who is growing right on track so far. and since the scan, i've felt so much consistent movement, which is always reassuring. 

symptoms: a little more heartburn and increasing thirst. and i was just starting to get a little bit uncomfortable at night trying to change positions while keeping a pillow between my knees, so i broke out my splurge purchase this pregnancy: a PharMeDoc body pillow. it is a game changer and i know it will make even more of a difference as the belly grows!  

cravings: oh, just junk food in general. Heath bar ice cream, as per usual. and someone brought in a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos to work and they're like crack. i had to fill out my 3-day food and exercise log for the midwives this week and so i tried to be more conscious of what i'm eating, but my willpower is pretty pathetic right now. 

what i miss: nothing at the moment. i feel like this pregnancy is already flying by, and i'm trying to soak it all up! 
looking forward to: the mini gender reveal "party" we're having at the office tomorrow. i'm stopping by over the lunch hour on my day off with yummy cupcakes from our favourite local bakery. we made the announcement to family members with a video of Greta announcing "you have my baby sister in your belly!", and i'm excited to share the news with my coworkers too! 

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