Tuesday, August 27, 2013

28 weeks!

bump watch: i have to say i greatly enjoy watching people subtly try to figure out if i'm pregnant or just fat. you can just see the wheels turning. my favourite of all was a patient who just could not look away from my belly. i was about to jump in and put her silent question to rest when she said, "you look like you're glowing!" how clever was that? still, it's mostly the 90-year-old ladies who beam up at me and ask if i'm "expecting" without a qualm. it won't be so great when i'm rocking the postpartum belly, but for now, i'm loving it.
sweet pea: is a rocking, rolling, jiving dance maniac! part of my childbirth class weekly assignment is to do daily kick counts (you mark off a box corresponding to the time it took to feel 10 kicks -- normal is up to 2 hours). without fail, sweetpea gets those kicks in within 20 minutes -- sometimes 5 minutes if he or she really gets going! at 17 inches long and 2.9 pounds, there's not quite as much room in there for wriggling but that doesn't seem to slow baby down. 

best moment: making it to the third trimester! in some ways it seems ridiculously long ago that i was announcing my pregnancy on a cake, and yet i can't believe we're already in the home stretch. i'm getting more and more eager to actually meet this little one ... to rock and snuggle and, yes, inhale that delectable baby smell. i still have moments of PRENATAL PANIC as was so eloquently coined by Amy Boots, but deep down i know everything will be just fine.  

symptoms: it's definitely getting tougher to put on my pants and shave my legs, and i've found that instead of bending at the waist, i naturally just drop into a squat. much easier and actually fantastic for preparing for labor, but i fear sometimes it looks like i'm actually about to pop out a baby on the floor. at least i can still get up unaided! 

cravings: not so much this week! i'm definitely filling up faster than before. still, whenever a craving does strike, it's more of the sweet variety. i did my 1 hour glucose challenge last week and get the results tomorrow, so we'll see what that reveals ...

what i miss: well, i'm still enjoying a full night's sleep, but am already sad about the future lack thereof. how come they can't make babies who sleep through the night from day one?
looking forward to: starting prenatal appointments every 2 weeks! i just can't believe we're to this point already. next one's tomorrow and i can't wait! 

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