Saturday, August 17, 2013

26 weeks!


bump watch: helloooooooo, belly! it is large and in charge for sure. and my belly button is such a weird shape. it looks kind of like a big grin. no stretch marks yet (all that protein is good for something!).
sweet pea: is as long as a cucumber at 15 inches from head to foot, and weighs 2 lbs 4 ounces. baby is continuing to kick and flip, and this week's new trick is hiccups! the first time i felt them, i thought it was a series of kicks at first, but quickly realized they were too regular and all in the same place to be anything but a hiccup. (does it make me a bad mother that my first thought was "go home, baby, you're drunk"?) 
Fetal Development Week 27

best moment: definitely, without question, the surprise baby shower that my amazing friends and family threw on Saturday! it was so great to share that afternoon with family from out of town. and Sweetpea got some pretty sweet swag :) it was also wonderful to have Mom come along to my midwife appointment last week! 

symptoms: baby frequently gets wedged way up into the bottom of my ribcage, so the past few days especially i've felt the need to lean back when i'm sitting. last week i was actually wondering if something might be going on with my gallbladder since i would have so much pressure on the right side after eating, but since i haven't had pain or nausea, the midwife said it sounds more related to baby's position than anything else. and i'd much rather deal with the upper stomach discomfort than a tapdance on my bladder. 

cravings: we had quite the indulgent week with family in town and all the festivities. the one thing that definitely hit the spot was a Heath blizzard ... we passed a Dairy Queen while on the search for lunch for Kira one day and i managed to convince everyone to hoof it back over there after she got her Jimmy John's sandwich (with a huge pickle!). 

what i miss: seeing my toes.
looking forward to: touring two more daycares next week! we visited one on Tuesday that i really liked, but they won't have openings in the nursery until April 2014 (aka lots of other parents like them too). i'm planning to return to work part time in January or February and will feel so much better once we have a definite childcare arrangement figured out. although i don't like to think about leaving baby with anyone else besides Nick and me, i'm so glad that we're on the same page! 

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