Wednesday, March 20, 2013


it's probably one of the more acceptable vices to have, this insatiable appetite for books. and it's hard unthinkable to only be reading one at a time. the only gripes i've had with books are 1) not having room in my purse to tote around multiples, 2) the awful dilemma of bringing enough reading material on a trip without exceeding the checked luggage weight limit, and 3) trying (and failing) to remember what page i'm on, because i can never get my act together enough to use bookmarks. 

thus imagine my delight when my dear auntie kris gave nick & i each our own kindle for a wedding present. hundreds of books at the switch of a button! magical page-remembering (even if i fall asleep while reading)! the ability to borrow e-books from our local library so i have a steady stream of free reading fodder without even leaving the house! 

so enamored was i with this convenience that i didn't set foot in an actual library for months. until yesterday. yesterday, i drove down the winding brick road to the tiny branch library in downtown crafton (a downtown marked by an independent donut shop, an antique shop, a dollar store, the police station, and a few hole-in-the-wall bars). walking inside, i inhaled the musty aroma of quiet afternoons, softened page corners, sharp-eyed and low-voiced librarians. they could bottle this wise perfume and sell it as scope for the imagination, i think. 

and so, my love affair with libraries waxes on. bibilophilia ... i just can't quit you.

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