Monday, March 18, 2013

melted what?!?

greetings and salutations! it's been a few years since i tried my hand at this blogging business, and the impulse to chronicle the ups & downs of this crazy life has struck again. throughout high school and college, i joined the hordes on xanga, and now that i'm older and wiser (ha!), we'll try blogger on for size. 

so, why blog? the reasons are two-fold. first, to keep in touch with far-flung family and friends. second, to record each day as it happens -- from a quick overview of the daily grind to in-depth processing of life-changing events. and what does this all have to do with melted smoosh?

File:Pietrosu Mare.jpg

this gorgeous view of the Romanian mountains takes me right back to the days of braces, social awkwardness, bushy eyebrows and mood swings circa 1999. the bright spot in the midst of all this thirteen-year-old turmoil was an incredible week-long trip around Romania with some fantastic members of the World Vision family. we toured orphanages, ate wild boar, marveled at Ceausescu's palace, and fell in love with the breathtaking countryside and passionate people of the Carpathian mountains. our bumbling efforts to speak Romanian were met with bright smiles (and sometimes belly laughs). in fact, the word that i remember most is forever cemented in my mind due to its inevitable mispronunciation: "mulţumesc", which means "thank you". the correct pronunciation is something along the lines of "mool-tzoo-MESK" -- but one of our more phonetically-challenged group members just could not wrap his tongue around it. 

thus, "melted smoosh" was born, and to me it symbolizes a whole lifetime of gratitude -- for God's relentless saving grace, for my handsome hardworking (and adorably nerdy) husband, for my fabulous friends, and family who continually lives out the dangerous joy of unconditional love.

for all of them, i say: melted smoosh!

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