Sunday, September 6, 2015

day of rest

i'm sure the day is coming when Greta will lie to me about something ... or scream that i'm a mean mommy ... or sneak off to do something verboten. but today, i'm soaking up the sweetness of toddlerhood. 

the fact that she spontaneously kneeled during the Eucharistic prayer this morning (when usually she sits on the kneeler or stands right next to me), and how she looked up at me with a huge smile to make sure i noticed her. 

the moment she exclaimed, "Jesus!" during the homily. 

her dramatic narration as she  pushed the Power button on the TV: "uh oh! what issss it? what happened? oh no!"

her alternating requests for me to sing "Jesus" and "gor-ly" on our drive home from the grocery store this afternoon ("Jesus Loves Me" and the "Glory To Thee" text to the Thomas Tallis canon), and the undeniable plea for "more sahn! more sahn!" (more song). 

oh, sweet girl. i hope you never stop singing. 

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