Monday, September 1, 2014

labor day

it's a quarter past ten on Monday morning, and instead of reviewing lab results, palpating an abdomen, filling out medical necessity forms for diabetic supplies, or anesthetizing an abscess before performing an I&D, i'm home. greta just finished an entire trayful of scrambled egg bits and i took her upstairs to read Guess How Much I Love You (a baby shower gift from Jon's mom!), laid her in her crib in her t-shirt and FuzziBunz diaper, and tiptoed out of the room with her laundry basket. but instead of throwing her clothes in the wash, i'm writing.

the breeze is barely rustling the leaves on the big tree by the garage and a mourning dove is cooing, a sound that always makes me think of Camano. bertram is perched on the counter like a little orange owl, blinking slowly at the quiet kitchen. kaiser has squashed himself into the corner between the back door and the closet so he can take a snooze, assured that no intruders can sneak up behind him. and a few halfhearted whimpers drift down from greta's crib, even though she was rubbing her eyes before i put her down for her nap. 

no big plans for this Labor Day. my usual monday-wednesday-friday work schedule has shifted to tuesday-wednesday-friday because of the holiday, but Nick still has classes to teach at Franciscan today. it's been threatening to rain all morning, but if it clears up we may go for a walk. i need to pick up a few things at the store too (blue cheese for the buffalo chicken tacos, apple cider for the pierogi & kielbasa casserole, and chocolate for the peanutbutter chocolate cake that i'm making because ... does there ever really need to be a reason for peanutbutter chocolate cake? although it's mostly to celebrate back-to-school for Professor Will). 

greta's whimpers had been approaching a wail, and i was just about to go settle her back down -- poor baby knows how to pull herself up to kneeling in her crib, but sometimes she gets stuck and can't figure out how to let go and lie back. all's been quiet up there for the last few minutes, though. next order of business: workin' on my fitness! i had been focusing on cardio with the elliptical for the past month, but seemed to be losing muscle tone by the day even though i'd work up a promising sweat. so i'm back to my beloved Firm workouts. and i don't even to have to "follow Libby for a modified version of each exercise", as beginners are told to do. poor Libby always gives the camera a pained smile whenever she's introduced, and i always wonder how she got stuck doing the dumbed-down routines.

so! less typing, more lunging, pushup-ing, and tricep kickback-ing. happy Labor Day, y'all!

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