Thursday, February 27, 2014

three months

dear Sweetpea,

you are growing by leaps and bounds -- not just physically, but mentally and socially too! every day you amaze me with how big you seem, with your fantastic head control, longer awake-times, and determination to grab your toys or chew on your fingers. it's so fun to watch you start to manipulate your environment, instead of simply reacting to it. you're teaching me developmental psychology all over again (and, if i may say so, playing with you is much more entertaining than sitting in a lecture hall).

keeping warm in Daddy's fur hat

the biggest transition for you this month has been starting daycare, and it is such a great fit for us. you happily go to Miss Sherry or Miss Marlene in the morning, and you're usually talking away in your bouncer or snuggling with Miss Ernesta when i pick you up at the end of the day. the ladies love you, and they tell me they miss you on Tuesdays and Thursdays! the only problem is that you tend to take short naps when you're there, probably because you don't want to miss any of the excitement. but that can lead to an overtired baby, so i'm glad you can catch up on your sleep when you're home with me.

you've rolled over a few times in the past week, twice from your tummy to back (which pleasantly surprised you), and once from your back to your tummy (you weren't too keen on that maneuver). at this point, it's still mostly an accident when you manage to tip over, but i have a feeling you'll be a rolling machine by the time i write your next monthly update! and if you're sitting in your bouncer or lying on your back, you often lift your head up and strain forward like you're doing crunches. Miss Ernesta calls it "doing your Pilates" and that's exactly what it looks like. work those muscles, girlie! 

the best part of my day is watching you and your daddy. you both light up when you see each other, and nothing calms you down faster than when he sings to you. you love to tell him all about your day, complete with dramatic facial expressions and lots of gurgles, "ooooooh"s and "ahhh-goooo"s. your favorite songs are the alphabet song, "the wheels on the bus", "do your ears hang low?", "you are my sunshine", and "head, shoulders knees & toes". you smile and kick with glee whenever we sing! 

at your first organ recital ex utero - Daddy played 
his faculty recital program at the parish

you've acquired a few new nicknames this month: baby duck, monkey, strawberry, sweetest one, and sweetus pea-us. (that one's from your Daddy, trying to teach you Latin already, i think.) you bring us so much joy! 

sorry about that flash, sweetheart!

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