Wednesday, January 29, 2014

two months

dear sweetest-of-all-the-peas,

you're sleeping in your bouncer right now, and as much as i'm cherishing the quiet, there's a part of me that misses you when you're in dreamland. how is it possible that you've been with us for two whole months already? and how is it possible that there was ever a time when i didn't know you?

you smile so much now -- at me when i get you out of your crib after a nap, at Daddy when he comes home from work, at the cats when they walk past you (and sometimes tickle you with their tails). every once in a great while, you let out the cutest squeaky laugh and then look surprised at yourself. you absolutely love having your diaper changed, which is weird and cute at the same time.

you've discovered your hands, and you like to wave your arms and kick (sometimes with glee, and sometimes because you're mad and not in the mood for a nap). you still love your pacifier especially when you're falling asleep, but sometimes now you'll suck on your hand instead -- you haven't quite figured out how to extricate your thumb. you also love to hold onto something when you're sleepy, either your "baby" (your sweetpea doll), your zebra toy, or the edge of your bib. sometimes you grab onto our fingers, one in each little fist, and it does feel so snuggly and safe like that.

next week, you'll start going to daycare (on Monday, Wednesday and Friday). so this week, we've started bumping back your bedtime so you and i will both be ready for the early mornings. last night you fell asleep on your own around 7:30 and didn't stir until Daddy woke you up around 10 so you could eat before i went to bed. let's do that again tonight! i have mixed feelings about you spending three days a week away from us, but overall, we think it's what's best for our family right now. i know you'll be in excellent hands as the majority of the caregivers in the infant room have been with the center for over twenty years. you'll bring home lots of germs, but hopefully you will also learn a lot and have fun socializing with the other babies. and i can pop in over my lunch break and snuggle you in the nursing lounge whenever i want.

i can't wait for your two-month check-up to see how much you've grown. you are definitely long and lean -- you still fit into some newborn onesies, but your legs are already too long for many of the 0-3 month size clothes. it's bittersweet to pack up the outfits that don't fit you any more. it seems like just yesterday you were so teeny-tiny, but of course, nothing makes us happier than to see you grow and thrive.

we love you so much!


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