Tuesday, December 31, 2013

one month

dear sweetpea,

it's the morning of new year's eve, and you and daddy are still sleeping upstairs while i savor my coffee and watch the snow flurry and dance around our backyard. you turned one month old this week, and i'm still in happy disbelief that you're actually here. after several false alarms, you were born the day before Thanksgiving and the moment we laid eyes on you, we fell in love! 

you have already grown and changed so much since you were born, and part of me misses your tiny newborn self, but i love watching you thrive. you have always been very alert and attentive to your surroundings, and now you easily track toys and follow us with your eyes if we move out of your line of sight. last week, you started to smile on purpose, especially if we're talking to you. and when daddy sings to you, you make your lips into an "O" shape to mimic him, and coo along. 

Kaiser loves you and tries to give you kisses. he'll be so excited when you're old enough to actually play with him. when he barks, you don't even flinch and someday i think you'll be best friends. 

right now you are on a flexible routine of eating for between 20-40 minutes, awake time for about 40 minutes, and sleeping for an hour or a little more, then doing it all again! most nights you still wake every 3 or 3 1/2 hours to eat, but sometimes we get 4 or 5 hour stretches. you sleep in the co-sleeper bassinet right next to us, so you have your own bed but i don't even have to get up to feed you in the middle of the night - such luxury! and i think daddy's snoring helps you sleep :) 

we love you, Greta Kathleen. you will always be our sunshine! 

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