Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Cece says (vol. 8)

 somehow i feel like i'll be writing these posts for the next ten years -- i'm obviously biased, as her mother, but Cecilia is just such a hilarious little person and i love these insights into how her brain works! 

the girls have been playing with a cane and crutches we have down in the basement. one day, Cecilia carefully examined the cane (which has a large foam grip on the handle), and announced: "a cane is like a unicycle without pedals!" (she's not wrong!)

displaying the anklet she made (one of the amazing doctors in my practice
gave the girls this jewelry kit!)

"Mom! i can say the Plegible Legiance!"

"Mommy, i'm the grown up and you're the kid, so you have to listen to what i say. and what i say is that we have to get ice cream."

the girls working together to build a blanket fort, following specific
instructions from their Auntie Krista (to help with one of her college assignments!)

smelling a candle that had been in a box in the basement: "this smells like grape cobwebs!"

while helping me fold laundry, she laid out Nick's socks flat in a row. "Mommy, these look like black bacon strips!" 

catching flies
(don't mind the destroyed lampshade in the background - the girls "painted" it with 
green concealer and it's permanently stained, but i haven't managed to replace it yet...)

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  1. I sure hope you got ice cream after she made that rule, it sounds legit 😂😂